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  • Hola, soy nuevo en Albión y aún no he entendido como se ponen a trabajar a los trabajadores ya que el juego no explica qué hacer. de momento tengo mi casa lvl 3, con 2 trabajadores que adquirí por contrato, pero no entiendo cómo se llenan los libros/cuadernos/diarios para ponerlos a trabajar. Saben qué debo hacer al respecto? no entiendo mucho en realidad y quiero sacarle provecho a la isla, si encuentran algún tutorial o video no duden en compartirlo. (incluso de cualquier tipo, llevo 3 semanas…

  • Quote from LordAinzOoalGown: “I was so hyped for New World and really enjoyed it after release but I quickly realised there was something missing. In other Hand Albion kept me for thousands of hours and still not boring at all. Did anyone here play New World too? ” Same here, I was so hyped too but then I was so bored... I've played wow and lost ark too but Albion gathers things that I want to play and get to know better about the game.

  • What makes you like Albion?

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    I'm new on Albion Online (about 2 or 3 weeks playing) I love crafting, refining, and maybe entering a dungeon (I'm still afraid about entering the red or black zone) but I'm taking my time to understand all the mechanics, economy, gameplay, etc... I've played wow, lost ark, new world and I think I found the best game to stay for a long time.