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  • Quote from Ovino: “so about elite levels on a previous sneak peak with it, it said there would be special bonuses for them are they just not on test server and will be a secret or was the idea scrapped because for 780mil fame credits and 255mil silver i dont think some of the current bonuses is really worth the loads of effort to max it out since 1 weapon 100/120 is 3 weapons from 1/100 ” not really worth but its more for flexing or if youre super maxed and just wanna go higher IP in your favori…

  • Quote from GokuBlackBR: “I bet all those changes are provided by the new family friendly company that bought SBI few time ago. Albion is officially now their new game for little kids as all the other games they do have. ” the company that bought SBI has nothing to say in the development of the game btw. How is a full loot sandbox game for "little kids"?

  • All the open world lovers can't wait for this update, hope it will revive statics and open world a bit!

  • Quote from Malvado: “They should have implemented 1 HO per guild and cap HO's to like 3 per zone. ” It wouldnt solve anything, people would just abuse it by making multiple guilds with alts

  • Join the hellgate discord owned by "Legal", you have all the meta build and stuff.

  • With hideout HQ all guild in the top 400 will have an undestructible HO in the BZ. It should allow for more content for smaller guilds and imo it will be beneficial in the long run for the black zone. So let's wait next season to see how it goes.

  • Quote from XiPoohBear: “It seems to me that most of the playerbase is tired of the garbage performance and lag issues experienced in EVERY square inch of this game, and yet the devs think now is the time to spend money having artists sit around and paint rocks and trees, rather than buying more bandwidth, getting some chat moderation that actually works, doing away with the draconean server downtime (for God's sake devs, it's not 1997). Can i get a response maybe from an Albion employee as to wh…

  • Quote from Reiswaffle: “ok, but i prefer HCE ” sad story

  • Quote from cheemsburger: “Sadly, healers are dead in anything that's not group content and Nature Staffs got it worse, they're dead in anything that's not ZvZ. Albion is the only game that shoves druids into one healing instead of being a mix. You're better off playing anything else and just heal when you're in a group. Good luck leveling your weapons now. ” as it should have always been

  • Quote from Ko557: “RIP Lifecurse you were a good weapon and friend for the last 3 years. Seriously why couldn't you use Demonic or Great Curse for this purge rework. Only weapon I've fell in love with in this game from the start and got to 100 first is now not useable for any content I do. - Used for Soloing group dungeons since season 5 in the blackzone - To date, only boss I've never successfully soloed was earth daughter. - Used for 2v2 hellgates - Used for 5v5 Hellgates - Used for 20v20 Crys…

  • A toi de faire le calcul, mais tes réparations paraissent élevés juste en récoltant. T'es mort quelque fois sur des mobs ou même pas? Les ressources deviennent vraiment rentable autour du T6 et +, en dessous la rentabilité n'est pas folle surtout si tu ne raffines pas tes matériaux avec de la focalisation. L'idée c'est de monter le plus rapidement au moins T6 et l'argent commencera à rentrer, mais la récolte c'est assez long à démarrer niveau rentabilité. Je te conseille de commencer à raffiner …

  • Don't wanna get banned? Don't buy gold anywhere but to SBI. Simple as that, stop whining :D.

  • You learned a lesson, never trust anyone in Albion that's not in your guild

  • Quote from FriendlyFoe: “Again they screwed small guilds, all content is for the big guilds, small guilds and solo players please quit the game right now because SBI don't care 85% of its players, meaning small guilds and solo players. They only make content for big guilds. Big alliances. Does not matter that big guilds already have their maps and territorys, almost all the content in the game is for them. Now they make HQ hideouts also for the big guilds. If you there in SBI want to make HQ hid…

  • Quote from BraveArt: “Currently the 1H meta is taproot and mystcaller while shield is pretty terrible in all aspects of the game, try it with cloth you'll see what i mean. So my suggestion is to give it a soldier helm type effect which actually brings something to a players defence. Yeah it's an extra button so what ” Shields are great, especially in small scale pvp on melee bruiser like the bloodletter, spear, 1h curse... Facebreaker, avalonian shields are the most used in pvp

  • Hideouts in the Roads

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  • Quote from bezdarniy: “I started playing albion because this game made me feel like i'm not safe anywhere except city/ho. But there comes mobile scouts, extra windows for scouting, 24 ho's per map, ava roads, some ganking nerfs. People in dungeons are realy invulnerable. They are famefarming 24/7 in rented blackzones with 9999 ho's per terry. Ava dungeons are just sick and no possibility to dive it except ppl inside are braindead or u have a perfect timing. I loved this game because this openwor…

  • Quote from Dlcky420: “How so? I started with nothing maybe 6 months ago purchased the premium pack for 11$ with the free skin etc and haven't spent a dime since. Now I have a mammoth, 2 8.3 ava sets, 65 mil silver and another 80 mil in random loot/material. Once you know how to play there is literally 101 ways for dummies to make bank ” Knowledge is everything in sandbox games, new players expect to be rich in few days. Learn the game, understand it, join people to play with and making a bank wo…

  • Pve is way less boring with people, I suggest just you to find a guild and do dungeon with people. Even roads chest/static dungeon are nice for the money and roads feels less repetitive (at least for me). You also have avalonian dungeon it's 20 man raids but first you need a bit of spec to be able to participate in, it's not really newbie friendly but it gives a lot of fame.