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  • Mobile Feels Nice, Except

    YulRun - - Mobile Version


    So was happy to hear it finally got 'Officially' released on mobile, I used to play it while it was still in 'testing' when the main game launched. Things to consider that I'm sure have been mentioned before. 1. Allow External Controllers For phones, things like the Razer Kishi would make this game 1000x better on mobile, and then for tablets being able to use your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would be even better. 2. Looting on Mobile On PC you can hold shift and click items to loot the stack q…

  • Chat restrictions

    YulRun - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Think there needs to be some form of chat restrictions in place to assist in PUG communication. Almost no-one turns off global chat, and the solution to an issue shouldn't be something everyone individually has to do. We can either make global chat have a long reuse (10-20 minutes) or limited amount of useage per day. We also should have a significant color difference between LFG and Party chat. When you join an arena or expedition, when in the instance chat should be limited to Say and Party, t…

  • I believe all forms of attack speed have a cap, not sure what they all are. I've noticed I cannot pass 2.9/s as an attack speed.

  • Play with friends. We go to the Black Zones daily in just a 4-5 man set-up. Almost impossible to dismount players with armored horses who are organized using voice communications. Keep an eye of the corners of your screen, if you're not ready to PvP mount fast and head to a zone exit, also watch map for zergs forming. After a week in the Black Zone, only wiped out twice, and have taken on many groups larger than ourselves, also made tons of coin farming RDs inside the BZ. Can also solo in the BZ…

  • Don't need alts for farming, it would be better to have the one character able to farm all, especially with the influx of players no, T4 and below the market is saturated with materials that you wont make much money off of it. Find a build you enjoy to play, and start seeking out random dungeons to get fame towards it. Random dungeons are the fastest fame farm right now, and also produces some good coin if you get lucky on loot. If you're also lost on what is new, I came back about 2 weeks ago h…

  • What's the difference between User/Supplier for Bank Tabs? Can both still Sort/Stack, if so is there a way to disable sort and stack buttons?

  • There honestly isn't very much at the moment for people to find other then ask players or browse the outdated wiki. I suggest as a new player, stay in your first starter town, and work on your farming to unlock all T3 gear so you can equip it and work onto T4 gear unlock. Once you have T4 gear you can try out the classes find what suits you, and then move into Random Dungeons etc.

  • Quote from lezinhocps: “Thanks Robin, I'm no longer lagging, but the fps dropped dramatically, and I'm not talking about cities, even inside of dungeons I'm getting 20 fps. I got a i7 with a 1080 graphics card, I wonder how people with cheaper computer are playing the game.. ” I'm also running an i7 and 1080, have constant 170 fps in windowed mode.

  • Android needs a in-game updater, shouldn't have to re-download the APK to update the client every time, I only use android version on my phone when im away from my PC and a 2GB download for a 15mb patch is ridiculous, bye bye data.

  • Quote from Trastamara: “Really...i come back to the game yesterday after 1 year and a half and shit still happening ? ” Not still happening, newly again happening. Was fine before free to play, then the server online count trippled and 10k players also trying to connect. Was expected honestly.

  • Forums will never be faster for account or purchasing issues, for any game. Will always have to go through customer service solutions. Forums are more for general questions, sharing and reporting issues. Anything needing account services, always use support. But can always come to the forums to warn others that this could happen, as a helpful guide/warning.

  • Global Chat

    YulRun - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Global Chat should have a long cool-down or limitation for daily use, and potentially be premium only, to prevent so much spam flooding in. I know you can turn it off, but sometimes its good to use, but its a pain to weed through all the spam.

  • You can change settings from the launcher.

  • Joke?

    YulRun - - Forum Banter


    What did you expect?

  • Simple question, does the android client support mouse and keyboard? Same question for iOS.

  • Target Markers for Party

    YulRun - - Feedback & Suggestions


    There is also the ability to keybind all markers and /target markers within the keybind settings.

  • This sounds cool, aside from the 'job' aspect of it, it would promote more PvP too, since you'd see a lot more people barging stuff around and people either protecting caravans or hiding in bushes to jump them. Yes I know this happens now too, but if this was a system in the game, I think it would occur more frequently.

  • Minor update suggestion for loot graphics, when a lootable drop appears, the red glow is something, but its lost a lot when running through dungeons and things, maybe take a note from something like Diablo with the beam of light that shows loot for you.

  • For being a grown man, your grammar is horrible. Also if you read what it says, there is a reason for the hold on the gold spending. It's to prevent flooding the market and prevent stolen credit card sales from influencing the economy. If you can't wait 6 days to sell your gold for silver, you're playing the wrong game. This game isn't about who can power level up the fastest. You're the type who gets his top gear from his wallet, and then goes into a black zone fights real players who have the …

  • Some UI Changes that would improve Quality of Life, at least with the PC Variant of the game. 1. UI Resolution Scale Slider Rather than just having 2 options 100% (Tablet) 80% (PC), have a slider between 50-200%. 2. Aggression Nameplate Glow / Percentage Display a glow color Red/Orange/Yellow and Percentage 25-100% of how much aggression you have on selected Target, this would allow tanks to mana manage better rather then constant spamming aggression skills, and would allow DPS to manage their f…