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  • Quote from Bogul: “If you feel like helping out and adding some values from in-game, here are 2 pages that need some ” Just finish that idea for the bag page now, I just updated cape to stay with the same design: and The capes already had numbers filled by someone. I don't know if I can add quality values from T8.0+ and many masterpieces but at least feel better the page …

  • @Bogul I have an idea for the bag page... But I'm having a problem with my password, I changed in albion and now I don't remember the old one for the wiki. How can I change it?

  • Like I said last week, I just updated farming page (, with an updated tables and little explanations for seed yield bonus and offspring yield bonus for all animals and crops. And than changed the link from mounts page. This page still need some data for eggs, milks, daily nutrition needed for each animal and link for each item listed there.

  • Localization / Translation Bugs Thread

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    There is a problem with the name great hammer in my language (Portuguese). Tier 4, 5 are called: "martelão" Tier 6, 7, 8 are called: "martelo elevado" It should be the same name to all weapons, I suggest "martelo elevado" to be standardized with the other weapons. Examples:……fa9e2b04905ad7f7da9a991c3

  • Guild Spotlight: Guild Not Found

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    Spotilight are only in english version?

  • I tried to edit because that was an old post but ok. Lets begin: Lets break down to 50k per item (elm, boots, chest, backpack) + lets say armored horse T5 (50k), bag T7 (50k), blood (50k), some tool T8 (50~60k) => That's about 400k without direwolf or swamp dragon. And set for gankers? T6.1 or T7 is about 150k-200k, max 250k (because bag and cape doesn't matter) with an armored horse T5 (50k), lets say 300k? There is no way to solo gather T8, let's talk about T7. How many T7 are in one map? How …

  • 1) More PVE content like raids, I did a suggestion overhere: Idea for Improvement of Resource Boss and Boss in general 2) More consensual PVP content, like a big Hell Gate with 3-4 teams against each other, x1 hellgate. Put random map like scrims in arena and rank system that would make people train more for GvG. 3) Make caravans the heart of albion crafting. That idea for factions were awesome, but there is no reason to people make caravans, because focus are the main thing in albion, if you cr…

  • Edit: Old post, did not saw at first.

  • I updated the mount page (, including more rare mounts, faction and battle mounts. A table with everything about it on normal quality. And talked about where do you get some mounts. That was hard, I'm not that good with english and that table took sometime. I don't have images from each mount. I think it would be better to have a breeding mechanic page explaning about it. So this page will not be so huge. edit: next week, I will make for breeding mechanic if no o…

  • HCE Suggestion

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    Removing HCE, changing to OW, etc... will not make any good for the game. Just look how crowd the game is already on the weekends. The only think I agree: should nerf how lucrative it is. You guys should already know, those people you call cowards that stay in caerleon doing HCE, will not walk with T8.3 gear to be ganked by you. After dying using T6-7 or even less they will just get frustrated and will just leave the game. When you are killing mobs you will aways be an easy prey. I don't see so …

  • 1 gvg per 1 men

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    That makes no sense. You know that bigger guilds/aliances have more players, right? If you make harder for a few teams protect/conquer territories, this will make huge alliances/guilds even more needed. If big guilds/aliances don't let more players fight in gvg that's a huge future problem for then, not for the game, you can always demand it from the guild/alliance or just leave. That's why 80% of the territory is distributed between 3 alliances, people just group up to have something from stron…

  • Arena should use the scrim maps, so people could train for GVG in arena with a little reward. I agree with the rank system, would make a better train.

  • HCE ruin the game!

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    The problem is because It's profitable. If people want a better option for FF it's ok but you must pay for it. Ohhh but I paid 80m for it, ok but you will never lose it. This will make people do something else for profit and they leave the city to do it or buy gold.

  • I think would be better to be exclusive in caerleon, do a exclusive place like the chest and market and make than not profitable, just for some repair. I think the problem with HCE is that they are profitable, they should be almost fame exclusive. So people could just chill while doing some FF or have some pve challenges, but they have to pay for it.

  • I think would be better if we could invade to gather T8 resources alone just skiping the guards. This would increase the number of thieves and the need of watch/protect your resources. Just put guards scoulting T7 or less.

  • There is a lack of PVE content like raids in other games. So I have a suggestion: You could balance every resource/world boss fight for a team of 30 or 40 people (improving the party system of 20) and they should be hard (like do some summons or/and have some cool mechanics), this would add more reason for zergs in the game for PVE content. The loot system should be diferent for world boss, it could be like those "chests" in the maps and only 1 member (the party leader would be the best option) …

  • Bug with Worker

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    I found a bug that the worker don't give you the resources and book when he finished. It's the second time I got it, and I have the worker about 1 month. It happened first time past week. I don't know how to reproduce but I got in video: