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  • This post is the pure definition of the surprised pikachu meme

  • Quote from Tabor: “Whispering will be the next cancer build. Wait and see! ” Gotchu. I'll mark yours words

  • We can also remove the hammer line because of tombhammer and Quaterstaff too.

  • Quote from Skollseye: “Quote from Mrpotato: “idk about nature staffs, but there is a thing called standtime, all abilities need the character to stop for a moment (depending on the ability its between 0.2 and 0.5) seconds, kinda wierd but anyway ” I'd agree with you if that was universally true but both the Q1 Rejuvenation and W2 Cleanse Heal don't work like that? You can just keep moving as it instantaneously casts. So if so, then there's a consistency problem, and I'd rather them err on the si…

  • Why was this game made by pricks?

    Owlsane - - Rants


    SBI give him a better android phone so he doesn't have to insult you anymore.

  • Quote from Khladraven: “I hate this about the crossbow. The issue is that the max range is not the max range, its the max range to start the channel, and it continues on so far back it is insane. Personally I feel like if you cast it at max range, it should break just past that. The carry distance of the channel is just ridiculous imo. ” The thing is... if you apply this for this spell you have to apply the same treatment to every spell that works with this same exact type of interaction (basica…

  • Quote from lucasPeni: “If you were to say wow they killed healers from this change you are a brain dead ape. And here is why first part is this nerf meant for cds doesnt even make healers bad, they already lead on boop helm 40 mil infamy healers already didnt only use dmg on helmet that part only refers to cds so most people wont care. Healers that play large to zvz fights what skills and mid pieces do they use? They almost always use holy blessing or holy orb while being on healing q there equi…

  • @wolfo70 do you have the clip of the fight with your pov?

  • Quote from Deathskills: “or that it is properly balanced? ” I think he meant for the situation when there is no middle ground

  • Quote from agonyclutch: “ - Clearly you want qstaff to run wild you guys are so bad at balance llol Explain the ironbreak nerf Retroman ” My guess is pretty much as an answer (in addition of some melee weapon nerfs) to hallowfall nerf in order to bring other healing weapons a possible entrance without breaking the current balance between melees vs hallowfall.

  • Quote from MostBlunted: “Clearly struck a nerve. ” Yeah probably. He hates when veterans has different opinions to his agenda.

  • Quote from moking: “Plate is not the issue. It is bloodletter. Has been for eons across multiple forms of content. Dozens of previously observed variables all point to bloodletter. Now CD are released and all of a sudden its a plate problem. Lmao. ” You're telling this when top CD's build are basically plate armor builds? Huh... interesting

  • Quote from UNFM: “respect for ur work but it have 0 chance to work. stand time in albion, is thing what kills the kiting builds. ” That's one component a needed changes and i have faith and hopes SBI will make standtime on normal attacks actually smother. Of course if standtime on normal attack has to be changed it would be for all weapons and not a few select ones.

  • I rather go on a complete redisign of the bow line in order to give this weapon a true unique playstyle rather than being a ditto frost / crossbow wannabe Btw What if the gameplay concept of bows revolves around the choice of your special arrows?

  • Just canceled my sub - SBI fault

    Owlsane - - Rants


    Quote from chat: “^ No it's not hard, just need to know what to do and seems like they have no clue... ” I didn't say it's hard or not. I'm implying that because they didn't rollback at the same time doing the hotfix, if they have to do it now, after almost 1 day, people will lose their progress other than FW and the backlash will be greater than doing nothing.

  • Just canceled my sub - SBI fault

    Owlsane - - Rants


    Quote from pesadelo: “Is it that hard to revert to pre bug stats?I mean SBI you did the error you have to corrected in a fair way. ” I think now it's too late more than anything

  • Quote from deivleon: “I think you shouldn't be able to react to all of this, you should predict them. ” ok i wan't my normal crossbow to be instant cast...why should ennemies are able to react to that? All thoses change in order to make the game fluid yet the standtime on normal attack didn't change a yota since release game.

  • Quote from Rainphase: “Now that you broke down the Meter range, Id agree with it, It makes more sense than imagining what the distance would be in my head. The Knockback shot, I think the damage should stay but the cooldown be increased (to compensate) This way you have a knockback / interrupt by nature.. A Speed shot, a Movement ability. A Damage and a root. Which would be more balanced than most of weapons W skill lines. Would make Bow a real utility for situations, Only thing that would need …

  • Quote from Rainphase: “Well my theory on it is, A lot of weapons have 0 or super limited mobility.. Bow does have some sort of mobility (more weapons need some type of mobility even if its a small passive etc..) But anyway.. If the speed boost from speed shot Timer / Speed / Duration etc allowed you to gain the same amount of "ground" as frost shot or the new evade shot you are proposing that would be perfectly fine for me. I just think that 8s would gain more ground and give more kiting ability…

  • Quote from Rainphase: “I can actually get on board with this however with the changes to balance correctly Speed shot should not be 8 seconds, its just too long of a mobility. With the change, Whispering and Normal Bow E would need to be re-worked to do something different. Just too much stacking the current way with the proposed changes The problem with it currently is the stacking (current gameplay). Stacking W and E. (normal bow) Also they would need to make the quiver / any buffs be removed …