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  • Quote from VicnorV2: “Single target cursed Q buff pls ” Agreed. Curse has been shit since the vile Q and hit and run passive nerf. The vile nerf in particular was completely unwarranted and should be reverted. If anything vile needed a range buff not a random hit delay on an already slow damage ramp.

  • You are just pointing out what everybody already knows. Frost shot needs a nerf or multishot Q needs knockback removed. Both options together are endless kiting shenanigans.

  • That is pretty funny but sadly you are not wrong. They made legendary chests extremely rare which should mean guaranteed nice loot but not even close. BM loot is RNG garbage so what they need to do is drastically increase the silver bag rewards on gold chests.

  • But those new skins sure be popping ALL the damn issue there...

  • NDA ?

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    Not to mention the remaining magic rework? Unrelated to NDA but they also need to get the content updates to roads and addition of mists as fast as possible.

  • Bring the better loot tables back and open diving back up! Win win.

  • respect the time of PVP people

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    The fact shards even exist is silly. Why they decided to make 1v1 the only PvP content where people can just willy nilly decide if they want to fight is asinine. If someone builds themselves super mobility they have virtually guaranteed safety and the freedom to choose all fights. Part of the inherent risk of all instanced PvP content is that you may happen to run into tough enemy counter matchup. That is part of the deal. There is also a reason the duel circle is a confined space. Infinite runn…

  • HGs and CDs should all be entered via City. The PvP risk in that content is already with the content itself. No point to add random searching for entrances on top of it. More people would do it leading to even more death/trashed gear. Only potential negative is OW trash can groups of 15 gankers would lose free kills. I guess they would need to play skilled even number PvP content instead.

  • Yeah 1h curse is my favorite weapon of all time and I had to stop playing because after vile Q nerf and hit&run passive nerf it is weak as hell. The weapon not only has the most defensives in the game against it but now has ungodly slow DoT ramp time and no mobility. Only newbies in OW running around in Stalker or Hellion jacket can die to this now. Even then only they can just run away if they want.

  • Bigger issue is still the force field knock back on helm because it allows these builds to have full engage and disengage. That is what makes it broken. Recent nerf was a start but not enough yet.

  • Quote from Haut: “Quote from JudgeNutmeg: “Into the Fray Patch 3 Arena / Crystal Arena Changes - Improved Rank Point calculations for Crystal Arena to put more emphasis on more quickly getting players into the rank bracket that best reflects their skill level. Players that are too far ahead of the curve in their bracket will now get far more Rank Points per win, regardless of the opponent’s team strength. And players who are not successful enough in their bracket lose Rank Points faster to avoid…

  • Would be a nice much needed shake up. The level of zerg the game has become is sad.

  • Quote from Sorutkan: “yee this thing made me quit cds and i actually enjoy the game now ” Honest question what do you do now that you enjoy? CDs drive me nuts time to time as well but it is the only non zerg content available for solo PvP. Hopefully they get the new mists up and running sooner rather than later.

  • The mobility can stay on the E simply remove the damage iframe. Good to go.

  • Quote from Sedocoi: “Hallowfall, has an I frame on the E that can be both offensive and defensive. this is the only reason its op. Too much variety. 0 punishment to reckless play. cooldowns are basically non existent and not relative to the power level of the abilities. For the amount of utility and such on E it should be a 45 sec cooldown. ” Exactly this. The E free defensive iframe is what makes Hallow OP. Big burst damage is supposed to be the weakness to heal builds, but that damage is compl…

  • In summary you want 300% more passive income for playing Farmville?

  • Glad to see you are finally doing something about the ridiculous range of knock from this ability but the nerf is not enough. Should be more like 9m at most. It should not be able to completely reset the fight it should only be able to create a bit of gap. Mobility builds are impossible to chase down when they abuse this ability in combination with the rest of their kit.

  • 1 Handed Curse Counter

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    If you somehow cannot time blocking curse bomb with cleric robe you are going to struggle massively in PvP. Most things you need to react to 4x faster. But yeah every single build in game has bomb counter on boot slot with dodge (this one does take timing skill so most people dont even try). Other counters include: Cleric cowl, guardian helm, cleric robe, martlock cape, and a well timed res pot. Or the biggest counter of all just run away because us curse get fucked in mobility.

  • 1h spear is the best at CDs and OW.

  • Bear paws is super easy to kill. If it kills you as you run away perhaps just fight it from the start. It is not an overly strong 1v1 weapon which is why it is non existant in CDs other than for ratting.