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  • @Meeres Xbow sniper and fire staff Qs1 still match with mage robe speed casting,fire staff in1s can cast around 3 times Qs1. Retroman Nature Qs3 Rejuvenation Flower is not good for phone player ,and compare with Holy Qs 3 Holy Flash, Nature Qs3 too complex ,need grow,wait few seconds ,pick and throw . This is a bad rework. Amoebius76 This bug not yet fix, would you want vedio again ? phone control problem And why phone control joystick control healing and buff buff ability not support by auto ta…

  • No need NERF cast time ,just nerf healing output. Holy flash a 3.5s Cd healing ability have Same healing output with holy orb (Cd 15s) it is unreasonable.

  • Quote from danduman: “beacuse bow W2 is 13m and 15cooldown and slow why? bow w nerff like 9m or forst w back realy bow realy shit now 13m !!!! + force field = cds op pls man... ” Frost nova will be NERF Range and Radius, they should buff to reduce CD from 20s to 15s

  • Quote from skyman1: “ ridiculous. I was in 1421 IP too. even cleanse doesn't set me free. ” yap ,you can't clean freeze times ,but you can freeze your self (cloth helmet) to immune Brimstone damage . This is why I always use freeze helmet . This combo is very strong,if you don't have freeze you will die .

  • Capes - Specs

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    Yap really cool idea ,If cape have spec LV,I can use cheap cape for ZvZ to get minimum IP XD .

  • Yap EVIL FLASH Opps is Holy Flash is STRONGER than Nature Q's 3 Rejuvenation Flower. Holy Qs1 and Qs 3 which one is better? Base on what situation you have , if you are in - Group Dungeon ,HCE , Q's 1 - ZvZ healer for tank , Q's 1 - ZvZ healer for party Q's 3 - 2v2 Q's 1 , - 5v5 all teammates is melee Q's 3 , - 5v5 have lot range Q's 1 - 10v10 Q's 3

  • I was touched this issue from last year ,but you know a lot "old player " will say how powerful Nature . But after I join Albion 1years +++ , Nature is weak in PvE content, PvP 5v5 Nature need high skills to fight compared with Holy, in ZvZ 20 people team need 3 fallen+ 1 nature, so .... And new w2 mana cost is very high ,even for PvP also hard (cloth armor and shoes passive is energy cost)

  • Holy Qs1 Vs Nature Qs1 Range Holy > Nature Cast time Nature > Holy Healing output Holy > Nature Mobility Nature > Holy (Nature don't have cast time can heal and run ) Nature need more skills and need more teamwork from your teammates, because Nature very hard to handle burst damage ,so your teammates need know how to escape from enemy's ability . If clean heal not get any NERF ,yes nature is high skills high rework,but now is high skills norma rework . In 5v5 now I more like use PoN for my Ws

  • Just want to say happy birthday. Hope game development can make more good combat balance and more good content/event in game .

  • Nature Staffs - Thorns (all Nature Staffs) Area Damage vs players: 20 -> 25 - Rejuvenating Flower (all Nature Staffs) Grow interval: 2.5s -> 2s - Brambleseed (all Nature Staffs) Delay until bramble growth: 1s -> 0.7s - Revitalize (all Nature Staffs) 1. Energy cost at channel start: 0 -> 20 2. Energy cost per channel tick: 9 -> 4 New update have buff damage and solo farme ,for healing not too good , Qs3 Rejuvenating Flower not good for phone player ,if you want Nature Staff to be gardener,please …

  • Quote from Catorcoffee: “My suggestion for new Q-slot Ability: Rejuvenating Flower (all Nature Staffs) - Plant a magical flower at the targeted position, lasting 20s. The flower grows stronger over time. every 2s will auto Stack up 1 flower flay around you , maximum can stack up 3 flower Fly around you , lasting 20s ,The flower grow stronger over time - Collecting the flower after stack up flower ,gives you the ability to throw it at a target ally location. On impact it heals and applies Rejuven…

  • Because of balance , dagger have high mana cost to balance high mobility and damage,so you can Activate your cloth Armor passive reduce energy cost to cover high mana cost .

  • Quote from WHIT3ROS3: “Quote from BluesJD: “I dont know if you guys have noticed but 70% of open world players are using bows ” Huh? I see Bear paws everywhere in the open world. Bows... not so much. Although I do agree that "balance" choices are a little... strange. ” because bear paws not every one use in CD ,CL or CA XD . NDA always doing combat balance base on CD ,CL ,CA . So if you want make bear paws to nerf just us it in CD ,CL , CA,make it to be huge meta top tier weapons.

  • 需要消耗銀幣,Cd好像一小時,施法15秒。 對我來說有這個東西也好,能夠吸引更多新手去黑區玩,對於Ganker玩家我只能說有了這個機制,會吸引更多玩家去黑區探險與採集,所以你們會有更多目標可以Gank。 新手建議 新手去黑區就帶能力範圍內的裝備,也有很多非神器裝備也有不錯的生存與PvP 能力。 在黑區和紅區能和工會朋友多組團吧。 沒錢可以在安全區打陣營戰,很好賺錢。

  • 很多更新對新手友好,但。。。。 手機端虛擬搖桿技能指向消失的Bug何時修復?從去年到現在都未修復過。 第二手機用戶在大型團戰看不到隊友,是否能增加鎖定目標施法Aoe的恢復/ buff 。就算都是小黃人,還能點隊友名字施法Wild/ Fallen的E。 還有Aoe傷害技能都能鎖定目標了,為什麼治療系不能? 第三,自然法杖Qs3 會春花的重做對手機端用戶體驗超級差。 別說回春花了,就算是A點-B點的技能對手機端來說都是災難。

  • Journey Back Ability

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    If have Journey Back ability, I think will have more player try to gathering in Bz ,at the moment you have huge number player in black zone ,for ganker will have more "target" to ganking , you can wait when they mount down to gathering,and invisible to attack them

  • Hahahaha lmao So SBI should delete One world ,many devices You can enjoy the full Albion Online experience on a wide range of desktop and mobile devices , all on the same account .

  • Yap ,It will stack up.

  • So .... What If .... They rework Mercenary Jacket to R restore 3% losing hp every second , over 6s .... At the moment I think a lot of people will complain it. Because have some of weapons have crazy mobility. 如果他們把傭兵夾克重做成,每秒恢復已損3%生命,持續六秒. 但,到時候也會被玩家抱怨,畢竟有些武器有超變態的機動性。

  • Quote from pytir: “I think the burst healing needs to be increased or grow time reduced bc as it stands now this isn't really that much of an upgrade from mushrooms. With the new change to combat abusing level 1 flowers heals it takes too much time to get your heals out and your still better off just using Q1 with rejuvenating breeze. ” yap I agree, rejuvenation flower is bad rework hope SBI can do adjustment before launching. And they also need think about phone player . Screen too small ,I don…