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  • Can confirm that if it's winter and nothing urgent on the agenda then I like a nice 15h hibernation.

  • My peaceful level design life has been shattered. *Insert 'I've made a huge mistake' meme* On a more serious note: I asked @H4n1baL and it is already planned and being worked on just not highest prio currently.

  • This is a task more suited for @H4n1baL, passing it on.

  • Map timezone bug or intended?

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    Quote from TenBaRosh: “@Monochrome @Korn Could i get your reply on that please? ” Yes, that is unintended and will be fixed, thank you for the report!

  • Quote from PugthePanda: “if only my Nvidia Shadowplay would let me record video's like it does with other games . maybe this game is not supported by Shadowplay yet .. ” There is a workaround for that, in GeForce Experience go to settings -> privacy control -> "Turn on desktop capture for Instant Replay, Record, Broadcast and Screenshot?", check that and you should now be able to record everything (including your desktop).

  • Windripple Fen Territory

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    That territory shouldn't be there, thanks for the report.

  • FINSTACK bribing the devs!!

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    Quote from The_Nosferatu: “What.. are those. ” Delicious solidified delight.

  • Favorite music and why?

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    Mostly metal but sometimes other stuff as well. Example of great other stuff:

  • What Book Are You Reading?

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    What Bercilak said. Especially the books by Abercrombie is something everyone should read, the stand alone books after the first law trilogy most of all. Currently listening to 'Tower Lord' book two in the Ravens shadow trilogy (Blood song), third book will be out really soon as well (7th of july). Once I finish that I will be off to read 'The Autumn Republic', by Brian McClellan.

  • Haha really neat! @Blackthron EDIT: This reminds me of fighting Russian clans in Lineage 2 as well. Usually ended about the same.

  • Albion, Dear Albion.

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    Welcome, enjoy your stay!

  • is there pve?

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    The destiny board is something that allows you to grow as a character, it just is different progression system than Tibia. When I was younger I played a lot of Tibia and I still play it for a week every year due to nostalgia, the world has a bit of the same feel to it as you had when you first left Rook.

  • Quote from Gwandir: “Quote from Vomk: “A really rare item that prevents you from dropping ur items? Or maybe just an rare item that can make it impossible to drop a certain item. When you die the item u had in ur bag or something dissapears? What do you guys think? It must be a hard to find item though so not everyone has one.” There was such an item in Tibia which was a even more hardcore full loot pvp game and it completely destroyed all the fun in pvp. I think this item was removed after abou…

  • Sure you don't mean Danish guild? "A snapphane was a member of a 17th-century pro-Danish guerrilla organization that fought against the Swedes in the Second Northern and Scanian Wars." Source: [url][/url] Anyway, good luck.

  • From Norse mythology, the jötunn Surtr who fights Freya in Ragnarök.

  • Mostly CS GO but have started to grow tired of it yet again (mainly due to 3rd party programs ruining the scene) and have since started playing Dota 2 again.