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  • it may be easier but its stupid and not all frost players actually have a brain (or healers ) which makes things worse for the overall fun and enjoyment of the fight.

  • @Mytherceria Do you see what the guy did ? Basically he said there is no info in game for any of this and you confirmed it. And there should be. At least some. Use his freshmen eyes while he still has them (before he learns the game) to see where the new player experience and understanding meets to cold reality of missing information and FIX IT. Only small % of ppl actually will go around in forums and sites to search for info that should've been in the game.

  • Personally I dont have any increased performance. Still playing on 130-150 ping ( Eastern EU) and still have lag during zvzs

  • CONNECTING... well I guess not

  • Oh another healer wishing it was actually a pleasant experience to heal I have one question/request on my own. Give everyone in the party option to mark themselves if needed. In the heat of a battle of a ZvZ type some ppl go deep into enemy lines other try to flank etc. etc. and at some point you are unable to see everyone on your screen. I've missed saving some ppl because I cant find them in time. Sometimes they are on the edge of the screen or something but still impossible for you to see sin…

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    That is their way of handling 2v2 hgs (healers in them)...

  • Can a "Magic force" passive of holly staffs be changed or if not can we get a new passive for holly staffs that after 5 activated spells gives 1-2 sec. of CC immunity or something (call it whatever) that will make your spell uninterruptible for this short time period (1-2sec) . Or basically make it so after 4-5 activated spells your next spell cant be interrupted. So there is something small but still having a positive effect when it comes to playing as a holy healer against Iron-clad tanks.

  • Its one of the if not the best holy staffs for ZvZs.

  • Again the game is unplayable for me. Lag... I see screenshots everytime my party had to kill a mob and in between mobs game was ok. Got DCed 3-4 times and at the end couldnt finish a lvl 4 hce in time ... thanks ....

  • Without rampant there will be no healing. Holy is dead. 3x judicator helm stuns + 1 or 2 tanks = good luck in ever casting a heal. That is why nature is good now even if they nerf the healing numbers it will still be more used since u give hots on ppl and even if you get stunned or silinced they still receive some healing. Then there is rampant to offset bigger amounts of dmg. If Rampant is nerfed too much ppl will probably switch to blighted staff There are just not enough items in the game tha…

  • You actually can even now since the game has this "bug" and even instant cast spells can be interrupted

  • Hello Game is lagging for me from like 20:20 UTC up until now and still lags. In some moment its worse than slideshow. Accessing the site/forums was also slow. While this is happening my connection to other sides on my voice in discord were fine (normal). Also my ping went up by like 60 in game than its usual state. The problem includes extended loading times when zone switching (black screens) and chat disconnects from time to time too.

  • graveguard helm into assassin boots is still bugged same issue reported here but without explanation.

  • Hello, There is a problem with graveguard's helmet ability - sacrifice when used on an ally who is still under the protection of the assassin's shoes dodge roll ability. When this happens you ally does not receive the heal from the sacrifice. It doesnt make sense to be this way since dodge roll's shield is meant to stop dmg and sacrifice ability is healing. pls fix.

  • Would be nice to add separate option to add soft/hard IP cap for those battles. After all they will be used by all types of teams and newer ones wont have 8.3 gear plus its not that easy to arrange same IP for everyone in both teams.

  • Ppl dont want to build specifically to counter it is the correct way to put it imo They want to use their glass cannon builds and to not care about enemy defenses

  • Also with the change I am offering and with the possibility for channeled spells to allow caster to move Frost Beam will become much more useful spell.

  • @Retroman Here are some I would say reasonable thoughts that i hope you will take into consideration. Last FROSTBOLT change was unclear to me - Doesn't trigger Diminishing Returns anymore. Everyone assumed its for the time to be stacking. I would suggest you change it for the slow and also making the % 10 or maybe less. Pretty much make it what the FROST BEAM is supposed to do - slow enemies more and more the more you hit them. Then Frost Beam can be changed to increase its dmg over time and hav…

  • Is this gonna be a new "mechanic" for all channeled spells in the feature ? "The caster can now move during the channel."