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  • Quote from mosqui: “So whats the top3 crops to plant with premium for 3 farms? ” You can look here what is best with/without using focus(with premium active): Or just check market what is price for products/seeds,and go some math.

  • Crafting

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    Quote from KingOfDemacia: “Where i can craft cloths like gathering gear and the others gears !! ” Refining cloth you can at weaver station. Cloth gear you can craft at mage tower station. Gathering gear you can craft at toolmaker station.

  • LF assosiate prices fiber weaver lymhurst

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    @Drafar Ah,ok.. free bump for you

  • LF assosiate prices fiber weaver lymhurst

    CassX - - Trade


    @Drafar Hi,fiber crafter you meaning cloth refiner? And what tier of fiber you wanna buy?

  • I want to start gathering

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    Quote from Hekubas: “Don't forget the mistcaller off-hand for gathering too! ” I prefer normal shield.

  • My ping jump from ~130 to ~110 so i am ok.. (middle Europe)

  • Quote from Vasort: “guys i quit game.. I dont wanna play albion online like last 5 weeks i will just come online for bid Goodluck everyone ” Can i have your silver please?

  • Quote from Karsa0rlong: “@CassX stated he was unable to finish farming them until August 8th and told me I could rent them out immediately as of 8/4/19. Thank you again Cass for renting my islands <3. GL with your endeavors in the future. ” True,thanks for renting and GL.

  • @Vasort alias "El Chapo",i want Hunter lodge and Toolmaker!

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from CassX: “And to whom? ” FTP players? ” Yes..And how many this players is here and how much skins will be here?..But maybe i get some luck and sell some skins.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Twissa: “The skin looks nice and all, but I never use that mount ” Quote from Twissa: “I want something to sell or use ” Thats exactly what you got then. Sell it. ” And to whom?Practical every character easily unlocks it, I of these skins i will have 6 pieces and and likewise there will be a lot of people..These skins are permanent so I don't know who would buy more pieces?Maybe someone who play without premium?Heh, is there anyone like this at all?

  • Quote from PrintsKaspian: “f6EuyEI.gif A new Adventurer's Challenge and Referral Season start today, with our first-ever mount skin rewards! Get all the details here: ” A summer joke or the beginning of a bad future of this rewards?

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Can you try: open browser settings -> privacy -> clear browser data -> clear data And if your browser has "use page predictions" you should disable it. ” This did not help either. But! I tried to download a new browser and I repeated the procedure, delete the AO + apk file and download it again from the AO website in the new browser and it works, installed and AO works well. Thanks for help and your time @Mytherceria!

  • @Mytherceria Not work,I tried your recommendation but it doesn't work, the same result. + I tried connect my phone with my laptop and download AO apk file to my laptop and then move to my phone (where i totaly delete AO+apk file),then i tried instal but same result..Looks like apk file in AO website is not updated or i do not know where is problem.

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “You will need to uninstall the app first and delete it from your download drive, then download the newer version and reinstall it. ” I'll try it, I'll let you know.

  • Hi,i have problem upgrade my client AO in my phone,i download(like 30min ago from now) android app from AO website,normaly instaled,then i want play,run the game and i get message Newer Version Available,see my current version,what version is available and when i click on update button,game close and open my web browser and then nothing else..Anyone can help me please?

  • I rent all 8 islands,my renting time expire 8th august,i dont want more renting but i can give good recommendation, @Karsa0rlong its fair man and i renting his islands for one month without any problems.

  • Quote from baibiscuit: “ i have 300+ ping... ” You and all people who plays with this nice ping,you have my recognition! I do not imagine play with that ping and I would definitely not play AO with that ping.

  • Quote from JogadorD: “Guys, but you all are talking about resources. I really wanted to make solo randomized dungeon in a T7 map, but it's too dangerous for me to use my top gear. For example, my gear is rated in 10kk, I can't go outside wearing it if there are a lot of thieves waiting for me. So, the problem is, to farm fame in red zones I have to use a garbage gear. My question is: what is the meaning of having a top gear if I can not wear it? ” HCE,you can play from town,not risk losing your …

  • Cat-Inflation

    CassX - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from Elsa: “We will be releasing dogs with our coming update - we believe the problem will sort itself out afterwards. ...unless dogs become friends with cats, in which case we have an entirely new problem on our hands. ” I think best freind for cats its mouse!So maybe mouse mount?