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  • How to set up Test Flight

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    Hello, I have the new iPad Mini with the A12 processor (iPad Mini 5?), but it is not on the request form. I submitted the form checking the Mini 4 checkbox. Is that ok? Or should i re-submit selecting a different option? Thanks!

  • Quote from KhanX: “Came in expecting a buy order for a ton of lumber. Leaving disappointed. ” LOL! well played sir. sorry to disappoint

  • You do realize having logs wouldn't stop spying/espionage. A spy could apply to the guild, go up the ranks, and rob the guild blind, all the same with or without a logging mechanism. I am all for that game aspect actually, but not giving people the tools to properly combat it would be imbalanced. Also, this is not my main issue. For a game that relies as heavily on guild contribution and teamwork as Albion; not having a way to track who contributes and how much is absurd. Guild leaders have no w…

  • We need these things - Bank log, guild bank log, building/plot log, island access log, chest log: - who accessed - when did they access - what did they take - what did they store - what did they do Reasons: - theft identification/prevention - guild/individual asset/contribution tracking