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  • Sorry, didn't get your answer. My point is that after you kill and loot them, the bodies are still there. Which is totally unnecessary and take important computer resources. Best, Chaos

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeees!! This:…?postID=906274#post906274 Tks team! Best, Chaos

  • Here is what I did (and works all the time): 1) Close all your windows on Chrome (or another browser) - this is important because for some reason, download fails when you try the next step with multiple windows open at the same time) 2) open your Albion game and wait for the 'new version available' message 3) on that screen click to download and verify if the version of the file is the same as the new version of the game 4) let it download 5) once download is complete UNINSTALL current Albion cl…

  • Hi dev team, As we all know, resources must be managed carefully. In games, memory and machine cycles specially. So question is - as per attachment demonstrates, there are no need to keep skeletons of skinned mobs on the floor for that long. More on that considering the ones that are higher tier because they had that aura on them. Just consuming precious memory/machine cycles. Is this have a reason to be? Why cant them vanish after skinned or hammered ? Great game! Best, Chaos

  • Quote from H4n1baL: “Soonish. Within the next few weeks probably. ” Hi, Tks for the feedback. Great news! Looking forward to test it on test server and gank the shit out of people to get revenge over the ones who steal from me!!!! Kidding!!! After all, it's test server hahahah. Best Chaos

  • So, nothing about this problem in today's patch (May 9th). Can we have pls (once all the issues from today's patch solved) an idea when can we see a fix in test server pls? Best Chaos

  • Black Screen & Cant Login Thread

    chaosbreaker - - Bugs



  • Hi, Had the same issue with multiple failed downloads on Android. Here what I did: . Delete previous install files from other failed downloads . Clean browser cache . Close all your browser windows . Do not use public Wi-Fi - this was my main problem . Use ur home WiFi Best Chaos

  • There is no easy way to say: freedom. Like it or not. Find an enemy, build an strategy, allies and stand against and go to war. Complain won't break Diva's monopoly. Best Chaos

  • I think the only way to avoid this situation, giving the actual game mechanic, is go red or black zones. You should try. Gear ur self on T4 and go in. I was afraid in the beginning, but yesterday was my first try. It went well. I recommend. Dev team: any chance we see a patch in production for May 18 deploy? Love the game - I am making money playing the market too now. Best Chaos

  • Hi, Yeah, it sucks when happen to us. But this always get worse before getting better. I saw yesterday on test server blog that devs are testing s 30 days 1 time change for that city lock change. It's not the solution for our issue but it does show that they care. I had a thief in party again yesterday.... It's frustrating. Happens at least 1 or 2 times a day. What I am doing is making groups for red zone. At least we can kill him and loot it back. Best Chaos

  • Guys, Check test server patch notes: you can change once per month the portal city lock. It's a start. Now we need tests to go OK and a solid deliver date. Best Chaos

  • Hi Finalhecate, Tks for the tips. You see I don't give a damn about loose item or farm them in videogames. I spend my time in several activities and MMO is just one of them. And I do work in software area too by the way. So, you totally missed the point. Videogames, as anyother thing you do is about the experience. In this case, a bad one. So I am doing my part trying to rise the attention on this matter so the experience gets better. Best Chaos

  • Just happened today again. Player was reported - devs can find it. Now, it was in yellow zone (Elbon Hills). We went PVP flag and killed the guy hoping we could get the loot back. Well, in yellow zones you get knocked down and loose item durability only. That mechanic protects the thief. For new players, like me, this is very demotivating. I got premium for a month to try it out. No regrets on that. Game really get me going for the overall aspect. Great game. Hope soon we see a patch with the fi…

  • I think we have good points so far I this thread. But you guys are missing the point: can't be more realistic that the king. If you want to allow game mechanic to mimic life, so then create mechanics to enable that. For instance: let thief's steal loot, outside party that killed the boss. Fine. But give tools to other players to interrupt that. As fast as it takes to charge the loot opening mechanic. If people have unflag it's not realistic... Or make the loot opening charge takes 20 secs. After…

  • Quote from H4n1baL: “@chaosbreaker Confirming - we will make changes to this. - Lino ” Hi Lino, Tks for the quick response. Glad to hear that. Any plans for this year deploy? Tks Chaos

  • Good to hear that devs are working. Where did you get that info from? Can you share the thread link? Best Chaos

  • Hi all, First of all, great game! Truly fun in several aspects I love in an MMO. Now, I understand one thing must change: random dungeons treasure chest loot right. The way game is setup now, you can fight in a party, or not, and steal the loot by clicking before everyone else. Whoever gets the lower ping or auto-click software on, gets the entire loot. Let me tell you why this is wrong: 1) Treasure chest is a reward for your effort on the dungeon. Its a DIRECT relationship between effort X rewa…

  • Buy the Ox. I did it and with that I advanced in the game faster then if I have bought the island. Which you can do pretty soon if you keep just playing. You see, rise an Ox demand much more time and silver, not to mention skills then 9k silver. Use it not only to mine, but to move you from main town to nearest dungeon. And: do not dungeon with mining tool in your inventory. They WILL loose durability if you die. And die you shall . Best Chaos

  • Quote from sik: “Quote from chaosbreaker: “Hi, Great game. Hope you guys can find a solution soon. Here my 5 cents: EVE Online.…eve-onlines-server-model/ Kinda old news, but maybe can give some ideas. I know software architecture isn't something you change like this, but all start with an idea. Best, Chaos ” bro why the fck EVE? do not compare this two games, this is frickin 10 years old yo i wish you luck in finding a solution, i hope we enjoy the game in a month.…