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  • 1. Duel sistem, having the choice to test or train diferent weapons or team compositions. 2. Some kind of friend/foe sistem, keymap or something like that, i cant heal no guildmate players and cant atack guildmates (duel sistem), any kind of click on a non hostile player makes the character automatically atack. 3. Tab target sistem or something similar, at least a target button with no other action involved.

  • I dont know if line of sight is doable or not, but it can be a nice addon to the current pvp, line of sight can add an extra component to care of on combats, like hiding behind a tree waiting for CD or avoiding a fatal blow, it makes combat more dinamic instead of just using skills one in front of the other. And the targeting sistem needs some love, actually is hard to target what you want, sometimes a miss click moves the character, hit or heal the wrong target. Using the right click to select …

  • Some Critique

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    Open map layouts are needed, all the existing maps are path designed wich lead to some pointless situations where a outnumbered group just run and the chasing group just chase till they arrive to a safe area or the runner gets caught. Actually there is no way of changing the outcome of the fight, in an open layout the escaping party can try to use some tactics to survive or even kill the chasing group trying to confuse and split them.

  • The fact is, even in group, healers dont progress properly in AO. In other games xp is shared, here only the one who last hit gets something, and suporting the last thing you want to do is care about last hiting. I dont know, somehing like, heal 150 players who kill a monster or cc 150 killed monsters, still harded but doable. Still didnt saw the Large staff, but it requires 100 kills from a suport staff, its a suport staff itself? cause if it isnt it makes even less sense.

  • Yes, but still dont fix the inbalance betwen dps weapons vs suport weapons progress, the point is, is not imposible to progress is just harder, a crosbow user will get the 100 kills archievement before needed to move to T5, a suport will need to farm the destiny to wear T5. Giving hard time to progress to the usually less populated clases is not a good idea

  • First of all, sry about my english, is not really good Im using Domination and resto staff and i found its almost imposible to progress in the destiny. Killing in a group is hard, low dps and the fact with resto im healing teammates means i rarely get a kill. Killing alone is imposible, bears with resto are killable but is painfull slow and the low dps means i get hit a lot and need toons of hits to kill it so durability is an isue. With any other weapon is far easier to progress . I think resto…

  • Yes, in pvp its balanced, no gap closer means something, is in pve when axe wins other dps weapons, is also the safest weapon cause rage + run allows to go out easier from bad spots.

  • The axe feels right, even a bit overpowered on pve. Rage is a good skill to catch or run away. Decapitate is a good burst, it feels even to much burst on pve. No other weapon (didnt test T5 yet but its T3 so doesnt mather) can compare in dps and burst to axe, but its a mele weapon it can be balanced if range in pve is some kind of advantage, but vs the actual mobs, wich gap close to fast or are ranged, dont seem an advantage, and slow vs mobs do almost nothing. They can be rooted, but root is ki…