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  • I still stutter and have it really bad while traveling in snow biomes.

  • beta 1 there were only a handful of dungeons that took a long time to respawn. This beta there are tons of dungeons, they are always up, and very little need to even fame like last beta (gathering/crafting is the new bottleneck). It just seems like a weird carry over from last beta that doesn't fit.

  • Meditate

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    It isn't THAT bad when playing a ranged class and you are in a group vs group fight (ie the enemy isn't just trying to run away). Either way, it is definitely interesting to see the game without out. As soon as i am able to chase someone d own on a horse and kill them without it, i'll let you know

  • Articulo Mortis vs EoSalt

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    Quote from Capulet: “Congrats, we never said were unbeatable btw lol we can lose as hard as it is to believe. ” "You should know by now. We cannot be beaten." - Capulet So which is it?

  • Quote from Capulet: “You should know by now. We cannot be out-zerged. ” ftfy

  • I'm glad they reworked mediation, as it needed adjusting. My big question now though is "How do you expect a solo player to kill another solo player who doesn't want to fight in open world?". Even with instant meditation, a solo claymore chase wasn't guaranteed, especially if the player you were attacking had multiple sprints as soon as they were dismounted.

  • Nice work, but that is a lot of hype for jumping some dudes at half health/low energy/no CDs while they have mobs on them...

  • who ? Jk, brazilians =)

  • Quote from GatheringIsCancer: “Capping gear in GvGs for yellow and red would be a terrible idea. What reason does anyone have to farm gear if only T4 matters? What kind of child's game is this? Are we going to start giving effort awards to losers as well? ” gear capping worked great last beta.

  • Mortal Online

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    Mortal was one of my favorite MMOs of all time. In fact, it is what got me into the open world/full loot pvp mindset and led me to Albion. Honestly, if it was as popular as it was after the steam release i would still be playing it. However, the game is a true sandbox and without players, there isn't much to hold you to it. Still such a challenging/fun game though.

  • Open world pvp 1vs1

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    great video. It is kind of a bummer that there are only a handful of setups that can actually open world. Sure there are plenty of setups that could crush claymore/warbow/etc 1v1, but if anyone ever decides to run away, those other setups will never be able to stop them from doing that. Either way, good video sir.

  • Spear line nerfed

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    Quote from Dorin: “Well that sucks to see it's an error, it should really be nerfed. ” post count: 3 I was ready to actually discuss this, but i am going to guess troll?

  • Quote from Melki-Tsedeq: “What a worthless video... AGAIN. Why would you post this thing ” I used to enjoy some of Gwarzo's videos, he usually filtered what he put up. These days EoS videos are like a "dear diary" entry everytime they kill someone, so they remain mostly unclicked.

  • This is not a sandbox

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    Quote from Kainoren: “You lost me with all the zerg staff, yeah the things you said in the begining were mostly true, but the think most wrong about Albion is how heavy it is on Guilds, a solo player or semi-solo (finds a group here and there or is in a low activity guild) is so much behind anyone else in a black territory guild that it is not even funny. plus big guilds are nation locked where you can join if you are russian polish german etc, AND most of them are not even recruiting. So there …

  • Quote from Melki-Tsedeq: “Am I the only one who find this kind of video sooo boring..? 30ish running into a group of 15 and you guys are proud about it. This is very flattering for BoM actually. ” eh it is just different aspects of the game. EoS doesn't really filter what they post based on whether it was interesting or a challenge , etc. Nothing wrong with that , but it makes it so when you see a post by someone like fus you know it is going to be good , and when it is by eos it is a complete t…

  • Thank you very much for the reward changes for hellgates and chests. We have been getting constant fights at both and the rewards for winning actually feel substantial. Please continue to add features that passively promote pvp.

  • Consider this... Gathering is not fun. PvP at large chests is fun. Fighting 5v5 in Hellgates is fun. Let us progress in the game while having fun.

  • Envy or Red Army ?

    Lewk - - Forum Banter


    These threads are so interesting to me. We have all been playing together/against each other for multiple betas now, and yet people are still posturing as if we havent spent hours and hours in game seeing exactly who people are and what they are about. We know what players are good, we know which players are decent. We have been playing with each other for so long now that it has come to making fun of people's RL noses and choice of pant color . Then again forum pvp is some juicy drama, please c…


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    I think the longbow damage is fine, it is the delay before and after that make it such an awkward weapon to use.