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  • It's not a weapon issue, it's a design issue. The dagger line which has high burst and execution abilities shouldn't be running around as a bruiser. I fucking hate Q2. If the bloodletter would jump in for an execution and jump out as a dagger should, there would be no issue.

  • Fire Wall

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    Every line has a weapon that can completely invalidate it, and that's besides the countless options on armour slots. Also, it deals laughable damage. It's the only defensive option a firemage has, and not really as great as you describe it. It's quite literally a crutch. I wouldn't nerf it until fire gets another option for zoning. If you're talking about CRD's - that's on you, nobody cares.

  • 2V2 Hellgate Balancing

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    Quote from Trial_hard: “I wonder why this game gets worse in so many points.. ” Game went from "The gear is the extension of the player" to "Look at all these cool buttons I can press" It's appealing, it gains money, yet there is no depth to explore.

  • I remember the times me and my buddy were running an arcane DPS and a great nature healer. Good times.

  • Trash

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    You can buy premium... with silver. You don't have to spend a single cent of real money.

  • Remove the prestacking so swords/spears can't abuse the system and none of these nerfs will have any credibility to happen. 1H spear is still garbage for group content due to stacks falling off.

  • Oh yeah, the turning speed on 1H fire is still garbage, I get to turn only 75 degrees? You're also unable to aim within the last 0.5s of the channel, you just freeze in place after the first 2s. The same half-second freeze happens when you attempt to cancel the channel early, it's as if there's an unneeded buffer to inputs.

  • Quote from BurnsidePDX: “not one weapon that’s E was built to counter a melee train ” Fire is "theoretically" a weapon class that should focus on a mix of 3 things: zoning, high range, and damage (mix and match for any given skill). The main purpose is either to overwhelm the enemies with massive sustain damage so that they wish to immediately leave your proximity or to secure an area from the enemies ever getting to engage without being somehow punished in response. All of the above is, again, …

  • Quote from Asmarog: “- Animation on the "threatening strike" Q spell is bugged, it freezes the player movement (and it's not aestethic) ” Look up "Standtime". If you know what "Recovery" is in fighting games, this one confers the exact same meaning.

  • Wait, it wasn't a global rollback but just a destiny board rollback? That's straight-up fucking retarded.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “range is not the problem here its the usability ” The range is a part of usability here, as you're left standing still while channeling. You can never get a good punish from mid-range as people just walk away as soon as you start casting it, so you have to opt for lower damage all of the time. Unless they're point-blank, then they just run around you in circles. In 2.5 seconds you get to move for almost 15 metres just with regular movespeed.

  • 1. Increase the turn speed (To turn away from reflect and help with aiming). 2. Make the cast-range increase depending on channel duration (I.e: 15m at the start - 30m at max channel; To fix the issue of people just walking away) Or just make it cancellable without shooting the projectile and loosing cooldown.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “i find it stupid that people BLAME SBI after the balance changes come to live instead of giving feedback to make sure those broken stuff does not make it live in the first place We had a whole 3 weeks to tell SBI in forms HEY that weapon is broken ” Do they even listen to non-NDA playtesters? They don't, most of the time.

  • Quote from Morgan_TLLover: “like i don't know you realized it or not but nature staff's W(Revitalize) doesn't give you energy i am seeing it right now, it shows the energy gain but doesn't apply ” Technically it doesn't consume nor give mana. It transfers it from the caster to the target, both you in this case. Tooltip needs a slight fix, that's about it.

  • There's virtually no difference between a 30% ms buff and not draining stacks for the dualies, as attack speed only plays a role for Q/AA weaving (4 AA's between Q's as opposed to 3 AA's for 2 stacks and less). So in reality this would only affect CD ratting and escape builds. I still don't like the trend of removing stack requirements where they should be present, so the MS buff on hit sounds better for me.

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “Actually you are NOT cleanse when getting dismounted ” If claws dismount you with the E, you will be able to move afterward immediately. If you get hit by a pike E and get dismounted by an AA, you get to move immediately after. Same goes for frost E or literally anything else. Perhaps the problem is that Demon helm is "pure" CC with no damage attached to it? I should test this with sacred ground.

  • Quote from SpicyPepper: “Isn't that just demon helmet ? ” Spaghetti mechanics in Albion. Nothing new.

  • Quote from Seddrik: “i was dismounted yesterday, and hit invis. Got away. U sure they didnt silence u? May not be “albion”, might be the players attacking u…. ” The activation phase of the silence cloud seems to be uncleanseable, so if you get dismounted after you get hit by it but before it activates, you get silenced regardless of the dismount cleanse. The cleanse gives you a single second of CC invuln if you cleanse non-displacement CC. Means this can only happen if the demon helmet is the on…

  • Quote from VseOtlichno: “What spell did he have before? ” The exact same spell, but the damage and lifesteal values were so OFF THE CHARTS, that you could duo an Avalonian dungeon with just a pair of 1H daggers. This went unchanged for almost 2 seasons. I hope you can imagine how fucked the economy and meta were during this time because the motherfucking devs could not change ONE NUMBER in the code.

  • Quote from TheBigFatNoob: “I will pop a HoT or shield before they run into combat, because it has no aggro gen that way. ” Except it does generate aggro.