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  • Talion I also filled out the form wishing for an invite can you check into it for me?

  • I am central Timezone thanks you for the replies guide I'll check it out and get back to you.

  • I am a new player looking for a guild that I can help. I am interested in all aspects of the game from gathering, crafting, and PvP. Obviously my main concern at this point is just farming fame and pounding my through the early aspects of the game. A little about myself I am married with a couple kids so though my playtime is more limited my approach to the game is not.I have been playing MMO’s since1998 and over the last few years I have been very competitive in the MOBA scene mostly LOL and DO…

  • Build Suggestions

    WhiskeyDitka - - Beginner's Questions


    Hello new player here. It's been a long time I actually have the founder Title that I completely forgot about this game until a few days ago when I randomly went to my old email account and saw an email for the game. Anyway I'm looking for a good build I enjoy all roles but I'm old with a wife and kids so I would be more casual. I suspect small scale pvp and solo play in my future. I will not have time to level several builds so i was hoping you guys could help me pick one to save me time. I wil…