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  • Glad to see you are finally doing something about the ridiculous range of knock from this ability but the nerf is not enough. Should be more like 9m at most. It should not be able to completely reset the fight it should only be able to create a bit of gap. Mobility builds are impossible to chase down when they abuse this ability in combination with the rest of their kit.

  • 1 Handed Curse Counter

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    If you somehow cannot time blocking curse bomb with cleric robe you are going to struggle massively in PvP. Most things you need to react to 4x faster. But yeah every single build in game has bomb counter on boot slot with dodge (this one does take timing skill so most people dont even try). Other counters include: Cleric cowl, guardian helm, cleric robe, martlock cape, and a well timed res pot. Or the biggest counter of all just run away because us curse get fucked in mobility.

  • 1h spear is the best at CDs and OW.

  • Bear paws is super easy to kill. If it kills you as you run away perhaps just fight it from the start. It is not an overly strong 1v1 weapon which is why it is non existant in CDs other than for ratting.

  • Paws is perfectly balanced. As mentioned above its mobility it mostly commit related and less run. What is broken are the builds that have high ability to do both and especially wargloves that can do both simultaneously.

  • This change was unnecessary to begin with and makes curse feel super clunky to play now. Vile already suffers with the awful range of 9 meters and now we got this weird hit delay for some reason on top of it all? Curse is already a slower DoT build up style as it is and adding hit delay on top is overly punitive. Please consider reverting this. On a side note the hit and run nerf at 6 spells also makes that unplayable. The whole point of the ability is to have any chance to chase kiters and now …

  • Lava was/is a great idea just badly implemented. Lava should do 0 damage. Its only purpose should be to restrict movement acting as a impenetrable wall.

  • Yeah they need to really figure the dilemma of weapons having both engage/disengage options. If you have abilities to engage from distance it makes no sense to have additional abilities to immediately disengage safely as well. It nullifies risk if you can just keep trying again safely over and over.

  • Bats should immediately start slowing after 1st stack as well not wait until the 9th. Slow taking this long to take effect makes the system ineffective. Stacking on all objects needs to go not just bats. Makes 0 sense as is. PvE mobs that provide fame and players are all that should provide stacks/trigger health passive etc.

  • Again it is a design issue not even a balance problem. The Corrupted dungeon design is somehow larger than 2v2 and 5v5 HGs even though it is meant for 1v1 fighting. This makes no sense. Kiting builds will always seem oppressively OP in CD design because they can essentially always pick and choose when to fight. They can reset multiple times until bats become a potential issue and then at that point just break. Bats slow should immediately kick in at first bat not number 9. Most frustrating part …

  • I always dread when I invade instead of being invaded. Nothing enjoyable about chasing guys with super mobility and invis pots. We do these dungeons to fight not chase kids. It really needs to be completely overhauled. Hopefully they consider making CDs a more focused fight environment with drastically less PvE and less time between fights when Mists launch. People wanting PvE with some loot can get that from Mists instead at that point.

  • This nerf confuses me as well. This is all we got when trying to chase around bows, spears, and swords. Curse already sacrifices a shit ton of damage trying to use desecrate to chase but needs hit and run as well since most builds can still hop out of root. On another note the vile hit delay just feels weird and clunky. Not clear on the need for this nerf either.

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “Id just make it so it doesnt triggers with DoT or reflected damage ” This is the obvious change needed and not sure why it has not happened already. Same change has already been made with mage robe and mercenary jacket. The drawback to cleric robe is it can be completely negated if you pay attention during the fight and don't attack but DoT players just get fucked no matter what in current design since their DoTs just auto activate robe.

  • I want the god damn rats out of my corrupted dungeons. Only way to make this happen is to fix SRDs again since the Devs seem keen on keeping the current shit CD design in place. The amount of bear paw shits wasting PvPers time in CDs is ridiculous.

  • The cap on entry per x minutes is what they should have done from the start to fix excessive numbers diving issue. I would probably go has high as 4 minutes though between entry with a cap of 5. All I hear is people on forums saying how crap these dungeons are now so do this in conjunction of increasing the rewards like the OP said and that brings balance back. The devs tend to get over zealous is major buffing the new content (OW roaming mobs in this case) making all other content almost useles…

  • You are not wrong. I have played Albion since the beginning and have been very critical and supportive along the way. It does see some slight dips during other big game launches but this games population remaining healthy this many years in is impressive.

  • Daggers are not the same. If they start full charged it means they are using non movement Q and are dead in the water if defended on engage (this is why most dont). Swords can effectively "cheat" since the game allows them to gain stacks on everything so they get free massive damage engage full E. If they kept mobility even after that it would literally be playing the game on God mode. I actually have no idea how so many people call BL OP. It is super easy to fight against if you use any defensi…

  • Claymore and 1h sword are heavily used in solo and small scale PvP. Allowing these particular swords to keep stacks after E would be absurdly OP.

  • Will the combat balance updates be kept up to date either on page 1 here or the NDA Balance forum? I imagine many tweaks will be made over the coming weeks and it would be ideal to see them all in one place instead of surfing through pages on this forum if possible.

  • Quote from Catandcoffee: “If Mercenary hood can buff like 1.clean all debuff ,dot and C.C 2. immune C.C for next 2.5s or buff damage resistance for next 4s . I think will useful. As a healer i join fw or bandit will use Knight helmet , because can buff cc resistance and immune forced moving, mercenary hood is very embarrassing, when you clean one cc but get new cc from enemy side XD ” Your listed option 2 is what I have always thought would make sense. Clearing CC in itself is not enough because…