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  • No Patch Notes?

    Trial_hard - - Feedback Testserver


    Quote from The_Support_God: “hope they buff bows ” try this: Double Merc, reg bow on full damage, royal boots, thetford, damage food, Resi pot. Yesterday I had amazing results with it

  • Quote from Tabor: “Glad to see you are finally doing something about the ridiculous range of knock from this ability but the nerf is not enough. Should be more like 9m at most. It should not be able to completely reset the fight it should only be able to create a bit of gap. Mobility builds are impossible to chase down when they abuse this ability in combination with the rest of their kit. ” true, but it's on the protected item list: Protected items: Swords, Spears, Gloves, forcefield Any change…

  • 2V2 Hellgate Balancing

    Trial_hard - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Sword is a strange story. 2 years ago, swords are OP - fix heroic 8% Then oh, sword needs something 1.5 years ago various buffs to sword W and E 1 year Ago, sword is UP buff back heroic to 12% Simply - WTF - you fix heroic to 8 cause OP, then buff sword later, and then put heroic back on 12 and wonder why it's broken???

  • Ya, Claymore and gloves untouched is even worse Nature more damage, when the biggest issue is, that nobody with a brain steps in the q. The speed of thorns need to be like AOE Xbow or spear slow w. If people step into it then you can increase damage... But increasing the damage is a potential second balance step, the first is, stop avoid it on sword stacks or boots.. In OW it is impossible to step in thorns.. Spear Q kills u on auto without any need to come that close. The damage might help afte…

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Remove the prestacking so swords/spears can't abuse the system and none of these nerfs will have any credibility to happen. 1H spear is still garbage for group content due to stacks falling off. ” JUst half of the story. The 3 stack q buff on trinity or pike is way to easy to just run and press q without any delay or consumption is unpunishing if u refresh late..

  • Spears - Spirit Spear Charge (all Spears) - Normal Attack Damage Increase: 32% -> 28% Swords - Mighty Blow (one-handed Sword) - 0 Charge Damage: 84 -> 80 - 1 Charge Damage: 135 -> 128 - 2 Charge Damage: 203 -> 192 - 3 Charge Damage: 287 -> 271 - Crescent Slash (Clarent Blade) - Base Damage: 172 -> 182 Missing: Heroic charge Movespeed 12% --> 9% or 10% Fire Q1 change reverted Nature stand / cast time thorn removed Energy cost for maintain q1 attack buff for spears increased by 30% Cripple bug is …

  • Quote from Brock_Less_Ice: “Any reason why flameblast cooldown was increased to 12s? ” because it was too strong vs everything but sword spear or gloves.. And if something steps into that meta a shit storm breaks loose and everything reach this Olymp needs to be broken to the hades everything else is..

  • The weapon rework was just more or less useless. Curse - hit & run broken Curse AOE Q unused Fire - already dead fixed again Holy - not solo pvp viable except hallowfall Nature - both new q hot garbage Is the rework done before frost and arcane gets the fire / curse / nature / holy treatment or these have some more grace period??

  • Sword and spear are already with gloves strongest solo shit in game.. Only thing a spear can challenge sword is cripple... If u now remove the power of spears that give these the chance vs swords.. You reduce the meta to 2 weapons ..not a good idea.. Though I agree, iron will should prevent purges but it would destroy the trinity balance and make it a double weapon top tear Edit: nevermind, go ahead, it cannot get worse currently - maybe if it's swords and gloves alone finally something happens

  • Stop cry sword spears or gloves and it is not an issue

  • Good e Quote from Sehavian: “Quote from BurnsidePDX: “Flame Blast change is not thought out. With this change Fire Wave is practically better in every scenario aside from buffing a tank before he engages. you made a unique spell then immediately nerfed it to worse than what we already had. A 10% damage reduction on fire bolt? Really? Can you just leave direct damage casters alone for a season or two and see how the representation plays out. Everything with magic balance in this game seem to be b…

  • Why don't we have a mechanic in place that if a player kills 6 times the same player within an hour and each time it's 20 Mio pvp fame - so if more than 100 Mio pvp fame statting are generated - an alarm bell must ring .. Got to murderer check for juicy kills and realize that within an hour 100 Mio + pvp fame was faked by the same two accounts in 6 kills..

  • I would introduce the passive after 4 hits next hit is a chance for a critical hitroll: Crit hit is a debuff that rolls A) nothing B) blindness, you screen gets dark for 2 seconds, you still can use skills and move C) bleeding wound that negates all heal and live steal for 5 seconds done to target D) cripple, 30 % reduced movement for 5 seconds E) a debuff that your next skill attack does one time double damage ..chance lasts for 5 seconds As higher your IP & mastery as higher chance for E)

  • Quote from Anhe: “do you say spear? better say it to firestaff Q1 ” actually if u do the test, fire q1 even boosted by W1 does NOT do more damage than trinity q no W boost. The lifesteal from trinity q negates the fast cast of fire.. That's why I say fire q1 cannot be the problem, if it is the problem spear q1 is then a problem since years

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “It was the same when spears were not meta then they buffed spears Q auto damage and even make harpoon a W spell before it was nerfed back down same for swords where they rebalance auto attack speed because they nerf sword stacks and this lead to sword line getting multiple stand time and cast time buffs to smoothen out gameplay and guess what happen broad sword became too strong i wish they also take a look into bows in the future because its now weak among range opt…

  • I do believe the solution is different. The fix that needs to happen is - stop pvp ratting. Pvp ratting - engage, reset, do 2-3 trys if fail and risk break I have no issue with the guy that thinks it's the counter build and he needs to leave because he cannot win it.. I have an issue with the pvp ratting that betrays the winner of the victory.. So here is the solution: As soon as you have applied agressive skills to someone in CD and this someone has to you, there is no free walk away any more. …

  • Quote from Achiolli: “Nerf in fire's Q was completely unnecessary, W's nerf was enough, or else it took advantage of the 6 months worked on the rework of the staffs to give fire a rework that gave it versatility, the big problem with fire is the fact that it's a glass cannon totally focused on damage and having almost no use in a team (like the pierce that the bow, curse and crossbow apply) or an effective CC, or mobility, anything, the only and exclusive thing that fire does is deal damage and …

  • I today realized that stalker & slayer have same fame on normal mobs.. Did I miss something?

  • Hater argument 1: use Duell Hater argument 2: this is an MMO get lost with your solo content Me: i fully support you & basically the entire pvp community.. unfortunately nobody is interested in that

  • Paws mobility is in line with bows - paws have less mobility than swords or gloves.. And they create bleeding, which is in most cases a disadvantage..