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  • Hey, thanks for all the feedback. I've read this thread when it was originally posted, but wanted to wait until we're done with all the devtalks & trailers to write up a proper response. As you may have noticed, the videos align with our update cycles, we do this for a couple of reasons: - building up hype right before the release of the update - managing player expectations - there can be content that is being worked on that changes drastically during the development or content that doesn't end…

  • 'Into The Fray' Teaser

    Elsa - - News & Announcements

    Post The teaser for our upcoming content update is here! Into The Fray goes live on June 8th, find out all about it at:

  • The maintenance is over and we're back online!

  • Hey everyone, The maintenance on the 31st of May will last longer than usual; it will begin at 10:00 UTC and is expected to run until 13:00 UTC. The website and the forum will remain online for the duration of the maintenance. Thank you for bearing with us! ~ Elsa & Dev Team

  • muting information

    Elsa - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from notthinkingaboutit: “i dont agree but i can indeed now at least understand how they could interpret what i said as a reason for the mute thanks for that ” This was a surprisingly positive conclusion - normally I’d expect this kind of thread to end in a rant. You are absolutely correct in that you deserve to know the reason for your mute and we try to provide that in the best and most efficient way possible. When you do receive a mute, you will see the reason and duration whenever you …

  • dev talk?

    Elsa - - General Questions & Discussions


    Did someone say Devtalk?

  • Here you go

  • Hey everyone, Our Server host is currently experiencing networking issues, for now the servers are still unstable. We are currently still looking into the source of the problems and are working with our partners to prevent these situations in the future. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We have made some adjustments and the servers seem to be stable now. We will continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated if anything happens. Thank you for your patience! Elsa, Nesnes & De…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Please add a border (or line of some sort) to separate a user's text from their signature. ” Added.

  • Muted players limit

    Elsa - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Plus I found no way to access the list so i could remove not present beggars and add the current ones. ” Typing /showmuted in chat will list your currently muted players. Then you can use /unmute name to remove individual players from the list.

  • BBCode in forum signature is not working

    Elsa - - Bugs


    Hey there, You should be able to use BB code once you have enabled it under your signature settings: NginmeV.png

  • It's planned to be released with the next content update.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Very nice very nice thanks to who ever upgraded the night mode ” I'll keep making changes to it - and as said above, will keep an eye out on this thread for suggestions.

  • Good suggestion - added a quick and dirty Dark Mode theme that you should now be able to choose from your forum profile settings. If we see people are using it, we can keep improving the theme (or if you have any specific suggestions or notice bugs, feel free to post in this thread).

  • Survival mode

    Elsa - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Sounds lonely.

  • Why was this game made by pricks?

    Elsa - - Rants


  • We do have original in-game music. Make sure music is enabled under Game Settings -> Audio -> Music You can also listen to the soundtrack playlist here

  • I will buy your shit!!

    Elsa - - Trade


    That doesn't sound very sanitary.

  • No, untradable items stay on you when you die and respawn.

  • Duel Exploit: Terrain Obstruction

    Elsa - - News Archives


    Quote from Blenfjorn: “BTW, with regards to the exploit in the subject line, the exploiter isn't necessarily running out of the ring and going somewhere else. You can actually challenge people from on top of the conqueror hall, they accept, and you are already in prime position to get the cheap victory. It is usually a range weapon but low tier challenging someone who is melee but very high tier, making the person think he can't lose, then slowing pew him with arrows from on top. ” You can't - t…