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  • Fishing

    Faisca - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from Goatsta: “I fish regularly to get my books filled for my workers, but today it seems catching lvl V fish in a lvl 5 area has become near on impossible. A few days ago I could catch a percentage of them during my fishing session. They were tougher than the lvl 4 & seaweed, but today the slider used when fishing is now virtually impossible. What has been done to it ? ” Quote from H4n1baL: “@Goatsta Nothing has been done to the fishing system as far as I know. - Lino ” Are you sure H4n1b…

  • LF forge hammer like friends!

    Faisca - - Small Talk


    Quote from Fusionbomb: “Quote from Leyos: “I heard forgehammers are powerful enough to turn any mount into a battle mount using a secret this true? ” confirmed ” i'm interested on being part of that secret circle

  • Quote from GluttonySDS: “Quote from Theat: “I disagree, GVGs are good content for the 'hardcore' players who are working up to something big. Without GVG-endgame, there is no "endgame" in Albion, and it would be a lot more boring for everybody. Plus there's something fun about being the featured GVG fight on Albion TV. However, I agree, remove HCE. ” Is this a joke? Like 40 people GvG for territory -- if open world dictated territory the endgame would be open world battles for land, sounds dope …

  • Quote from wyqydsyq: “ Quote from H4n1baL: “@Faisca So you mean like a spell effect that looks like a mob? I think as long as you want to be able to control it during its lifetime it's gonna become very difficult to pull off. If we introduce a summoner's staff, I believe we'd only do it if we get the "true" feeling of it into the game. - Lino ” Would it be necessary for them to be actively controlled directly as fully fledged entities? Couldn't it be implemented in a more passive way? Kind of li…

  • Quote from Devastate: “GvGs are cancer, those should go away too... we are in a sandbox MMO where the most important endgame objective is disputed in a 5v5, instanced, meta game that only a couple dozen players care about. If having a 5v5 instance match is the final goal we should just play DOTA, at least it's smooth and lagless. ” i had to log in just to reply that, damn, we REALLY need to solve gvg's, even the gvg'ers that i know hate to do that every single day. This need to be a content more…

  • Quote from H4n1baL: “Hey @Mishirene! We prototyped a summoner's staff and while we liked it in principle, we currently don't see a feasible way to implement it due to the heavy performance impact it might have. In theory every player could use it, so even if you're only spawning one minion at a time, that would already double the amount of entities in that regard. And that is something we simply cannot afford right now. So at least for the time being, the summoner's staff will not make an appear…

  • Russian Guild Symbols

    Faisca - - Forum Banter


    Quote from Arqe: “The funny part is the game is just pixels and we are discussing communism here.Wtf guys ? Can u please grow the f.k up ? And the other funny thing is,crying about death and doesnt give a f.k about capitalist countries who destroys,force people to starving around the world. ” As long it's not affecting you, you're gonna think it's just a game. My family had to run from their country and lost many things and friends because of the propagation of this hammer and sickle, just like …

  • if you don't really care about freedom, you aren't gonna find problems