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  • Quote from Blodvaerd: “I have only played Undead and Keepers (tiers IV and V) but it would be nice if there was all factions available at each tier (IV - VIII) ” Hi @Blodvaerd ! Thank you for asking! We've decided to separate Factions by Tiers to create a sense of progression from tier to tier. Currently there're no plans to change that. But we're trying to bring more variety to the mobs inside the same tier to compensate that.

  • Quote from Mathieu94P: “Quote from Foximmilian: “Thank you guys, again, for your time and feedback! We're really grateful for this. ” Hi @Foximmilian In view of the answers, many players would like more diversity in the dungeons. Knowing that many dungeon cards are already drawn (beta cards 1 & beta 2), do you plan to diversify the dungeons of third-party equivalent? Today all the T5, T6 or T7 dungeons are copied pasted from their pair and this lack of diversity. ” Hi @Mathieu94P We know the iss…

  • Thank you guys, again, for your time and feedback! We're really grateful for this.

  • Thank you guys! Really appreciate your feedback! Keep it on!

  • Hello! With Hector, we introduced a few dungeons, with some additional changes introduced in Hector Patch #2 to make then more fun and interesting. We would like to know what you think of them! Here is the list of maps where you can find the new dungeons (entrances are in the middle of the mob camps): Undead (T4): Blackthorn Quarry, Smoothfloor Cleft, Curlew Fen, Mawar Gorge, Russerdell, Ferndell, Windripple Fen, Pen Uchaf Keeper (T5): Sleetwater Basin, Splinterbranch Basin, Corpsewash Basin, Bl…