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  • Quote from Krushr: “I suggest that maybe you can insert a "transmogrification" mechanics within the gears of Albion Online, by means of that, players can take the appearance of other gears without changing the gears themselves, just for appearance. Why do I suggest this? because as a role-playing game, we're built to imagine things and role play itself, however, one of the best builds that are used and currently standardized for ZvZ's doesn't match the weapon mainly used. So imagine I am using a…

  • Serious question ... why wouldn't you have premium, if its available to get for in game silver?

  • Quote from Jean_Helius: “WAT? black market is an npc buying things and sending back to the world to be sold again and again and again till it break. My idea is one npc buying things for 30% of the value and breaking it !!! Who exactly gives the black market money to buy things? ” I know only too well how the BM works. And the BM generates silver ... its not a silver sink. Your idea has some merit as you could actually use these merchants to also popluate the loot tables much as the BM does ... t…

  • Quote from Jean_Helius: “And tell me how this gonna generate silver? ” Because an NPC buying things introduces 60k silver into the game that wasnt there before. This is different to the market, where silver already in the game, transfers from one player to another, so selling for 200k in Caerleon brings zero silver into the game. Its not a silver sink .. its the exact opposite. Quote from Jean_Helius: “i'm such a good game designer ” You might want to rethink this ....

  • Paid gender change

    Midgard - - Feedback & Suggestions


    How many genders would you like? Joikng aside this has been asked for many times. Its not as simple as you'd think however ... something to do with how the character generation in the first instance assigns armour types (theres different armour sets for male and female) .... this causes all sorts of problems which arent easily resolved apparently.

  • Quote from Jean_Helius: “How about some special "merchants" around black zones where we can "sell" our loot to an NPC for like 30% of the real value?Well you said it yourself ... it would just be a lodestone for gankers .. they'd camp the merchants 24/7 ” Well, you said it yourself ... the merchants would be a lodestone for gankers. They'd camp the merchants 24/7 Quote from Jean_Helius: “And another plus, would work as a great silver sink. ” It wouldnt. It would be the opposite of a silver sink …

  • Guild recruitment

    Midgard - - Rants


    Quote from Noctiz: “Im glad i made you cry, ” I didnt see him crying. All I saw was him calling you out for whining like a child ....

  • Quote from WitchTwitch: “And this is my build. ” Why arent you using gathering gear? The yield bonus will level you faster.

  • Demolishing founder house

    Midgard - - Beginner's Questions


    Yes, I believe so

  • Quote from Quagga: “It was never explained, it was always the same argument because it is an MMO. ” It wasnt. There are a ton of game mechanics than could be destroyed and/or abused with the proposed change. As has been explained before ... if youre actually interested, search for it ...

  • Quote from miifi: “I have been preaching for years how the game needs a 1v1 pvp flagging button. ” And the negative impact that would have on all aspects of the game, and why it would never work have been explained many times on these forums. Try searching for them.

  • No one here can help you. Raise a support ticket and wait ... it can take up to 72 hours t get a response.. Dont update your ticket as it bumps it to the back of the queue. Good new is they can probably restore the character. (oh .... and lose the goddam awful font)

  • The free island move has only happened three times ever (since the game launched in July 2017). Each time it was when there was a major world map update ... so unless theres a major world map update in 2022 (and Im not aware there is any plans for that) then there wont be a free island move.

  • The silver is gone and cant be recovered. You could try a support ticket but the answer may be a 'nothing we can do' ... worth a try though I guess.

  • Quote from Kelleci515: “Original Player Ring does not. I think devs should do it. ” Mine does. Confirmed

  • Quote from Chaosme22: “1. Remove hideouts, make more rests. No politics, only contents. 2. Remove alliance, only guild matter. Reduce the maximum member capacity. 3. Remove healing, arcane staff and purge mechanic. Make players carry their healing mechanic, so that no one have to be healer, support slaves and hear dps show off their kill. Healer, supporter role is not fun to play but the entire party relying on these two roles. Without healers, no one ready to roam black zone for contents. So re…

  • Avatar rings from founders packs are available on all characters on an account. I just tested it.

  • Why are people always surprised when a random number system, gives random results?

  • Can I completely avoid PvP?

    Midgard - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from erzeek: “Hello everyone. Sorry if this is a repetitive question but I just want to be sure about it. I’m enjoying Albion, I have been playing for the past two weeks. But one thing is that I do not like PvP. I would want to have islands, fight in dungeons, pve and crafting. Is there even a possibility to avoid PvP? Thank you guys. ” Dont flag for a faction, stay only in blue zones, dont enter a corrupted dungeon. That is the only way to 100% avoid PvP. But yes ... it can be done, but y…

  • Quote from W1nDoza: “i can ensure, that our Leader never was involved in any RMT activity ” And how exactly can you ensure that? If he was involved in RMT, he's unlikely to have told you ..