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  • You are looking for people who have never ganked before?

  • Usually 20 minutes, sometimes up to an hour or more but they usually announce it if it's over 1 hour. 75% of the time it's 20min.

  • No, you are not vs. those things. PvE means things you fight, ie. mobs. It does not mean gathering etc. These acronyms have specific meanings and they are not literal ones, they are historical ones.

  • Quote from AbSur: “The new solo random dugeons should be a place for a fair fight (if the problem is about fame/hour or silver/loot just nerf it), diferent from another contends in the game, solo dungeon should bring opportunity for solo players, but again SBI fail and this content ill be destroyed by ganks/zerg teams its really sad.. The real goal of solo random dungeon is to provide fair fights between 1x1 or maybe 1x1x1 (or 1x1x1x1) even because it is currently known to all the possibility of…

  • Quote from CassX: “Quote from Stochastic42: “If you want that go find another game. ” Another one ... ” Yes, another one. I have the feeling you are making an attempt at criticism not realizing that my English is correct. Ironic...

  • No, there will not be artificial limits to how many players can enter a solo dungeon. If you want that go find another game. This game is based on open world sandbox with full PvP. If solo dungeons are dove too often SBI will make more dungeons spawn or make them shorter or something to balance it, but ultimately they will be like normal RD but balanced for solo players.

  • Every whiny complainer in this thread is just upset that solo dungeons are going to follow the same core concepts as the rest of the game and not be some protected little garden of eden where they can fame farm in a full PvE environment so they can pretend they are playing a PvP game when they aren't. It was 100% obvious that these dungeons were going to be like this. They are called solo dungeons because THEY ARE BALANCED FOR SOLO PLAY. It's a perfectly rational name for them and you softies ar…

  • Guilds and alliances

    Stochastic42 - - Feedback & Suggestions


    If you have 5 guild alliances and 40 per guild that's 200 person alliances. The problem with this is, casual players will never be able to be part of a major alliance. In order to be a top alliance your alliance will need everyone to be close to max spec and everyone to attend the majority of ZvZ's. Casual players will no longer be relevant to these guilds, and will be part of casual alliances that can scarcely field 20 players with mid tier item power. The unlimited member size in alliances all…

  • I find the wiki to be very limited, and can't find most information anywhere. For example I wonder how many abilities interact with AOE escalation, like wailing bow E, does it increase in damage as it hits more players doing successively more damage? Or take siege bow E, does each volley hit the whole AOE at once or is there a damage hitbox that travels with the players hitting each successively, and if so does it increase in damage as more are hit? Since all 5 shots are one ability, do enemies …

  • Berzal, this isn't at all about holy vs nature which is what your comments are obviously about. It's about Holy Staff vs Divine Staff, both are holy staves.

  • "...but general pve… tank should be the only one taking damage for sure." No. There are many mobs with random target selection, some of which is impossible or very difficult to avoid. On top of this there are bugs such as enemies shooting abilities the opposite direction from their cast indicator and facing. Realistically you can't expect your DPS to NEVER take damage. To answer the original question I think divine is better than holy staff for PvE because both staves are going to be healing pri…

  • Quote from FlapR: “Quote from Stochastic42: “This does not harm the market, it simple lowers the price of gold temporarily. It will only hurt people who foolishly invested all their silver in gold thinking they could predict the market when they can not. ” What you said doesn't even make sense. ” If it does not make sense to you it's due to your inability to comprehend it as it's a perfectly coherent statement.

  • Quote from pewtha: “Quote from Stochastic42: “Funny how this thread is filled with 2v2 hellgaters that are abusing fiend robes to win and trying to pretend it's not OP. ” funny how i never run fiend robe, ever considered running ranged or running a defensive spell? ” Never run fiend robe huh?

  • Quote from Dacunetc: “broken ” Quote from hypnoticshadow: “Reading the comments of someone I see that people often like a lot to talk even if they don't have the technical experience and knowledge about the topic are talking about. The build with specter shoes, specter jacket, claws, demon helmet and demon cape ( or any variation of that as the lymhurst cape version) is low level crap because it can work only with people ignorance and I am not just talking because i like to talk I bring you evid…

  • This does not harm the market, it simple lowers the price of gold temporarily. It will only hurt people who foolishly invested all their silver in gold thinking they could predict the market when they can not.

  • [June 21st] Server Issues

    Stochastic42 - - News Archives


    Mr. Lawson, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • [June 21st] Server Issues

    Stochastic42 - - News Archives


    This would not be happening if you had competent people managing your servers and network. You keep making excuses but you don't know what you are doing and you don't hire people who do. There is a reason this doesn't happen to ANY of the other most played games on steam. Keep them excuses rollin'.

  • "...those of you who have never experienced a 25% fame boost will be surprised by the progress that you will make during that week" At first I thought "cool it's like a free dungeon of fame every 4 dungeons." After trying to fame farm "cool i'm getting dove once every 4 dungeons." At least twice as many divers during this event, It's actually more of an event for them than people trying to fame farm.