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  • Hi, was there a wipe?

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from Festwerk: “Hey guys. I played back at the games release, mid tier backer. I remember having a character back then but obviously thats not there any longer. I made a new one and claimed the rewards I guess I'd had before. Im assuming the wipe happened when the model of the game was changed? Did original founders retain their original rewards and such? I went ahead and purchased an island yesterday and got it maxed out and will be aiming to do crafting and gathering. Things definitely l…

  • You need to understand that being zoomed out further means you see other players sooner. What you’re asking for is an advantage over every other player who has a smaller display. There’s hacks that do this, and they’ll earn you a lifetime ban.

  • Hi there!

    SHARKY - - Introduce yourself!


    Welcome to the forums, and the world of Albion Online! I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a decent guild. Maybe check out the recruitment section:

  • Tome of Insight fame

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    Intended. Tomes are not 'real' fame, so should not count towards the total. Edit: Nothing wrong with using Tomes - I love Tomes and use them myself.

  • Quote from Player112: “Manipulation 2: the black market. The price the BM buys at is pulled out from the a**. Some idiots made some silver from that and they think they are ready for the other markets. ” For a Master-Trader you really don't seem to actually have anything mastered. The BM is simple. A mob drops an item, lets say it's a T6.1 Demon Cape. The BM then places a Buy Order to replace the dropped T6.1 Demon Cape. That Buy Order will be low, but it will steadily rise as time goes by, unti…

  • Calling @Player112 Calling @Player112 Come in @Player112 Don't worry guys, I've sent out the distress call. Everything will be answered shortly.

  • Tell Your Story!

    SHARKY - - General Questions & Discussions


    I've been playing casually (by casually I mean BADLY), since the last days of Beta. My PC back then was a joke, and how I actually managed to do anything in the game is still a mystery. At time's it was like watching stop-start animation with about 5 frames per second. I missed the first few months of launch (although logged in first day and consequently wasted my entire month of Premium) as playing on an 80yr old PC was just pointless. Then I scrounged a slightly more appropriate GPU, albeit th…

  • Appearance For Boar

    SHARKY - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The only other one it 'could' be applied to would be the Saddled Wild Boar, but I suspect that's not possible due it being a Faction Mount, and SBI don''t want to add favour to one Faction mount over the others. The Spectral Direboar has an ability (as with the other Adventurers Challange Mounts) so has to also be excluded, so it can always be recognised in the Open World.

  • Quote from Moosius: “Does anyone else play this way? ” Not me, but I genuinely applaud you for it However, if everyone played that way...well, there would be no economy.

  • T7 BZ mobs are good. Stonetop Sink in Mercia has very good fame from undead roaming mobs - around 1250k without the boost. I've died a few times there though...

  • Roaming Mobs got a 25% fame increase with the Percival update. With a further 25% boost for this event, they're a pretty good option. While clearing the mobs, consider doing any SRDs you find. Higher Tier zones offer better fame for Roaming Mobs and SRDs, but of course they come with risks.

  • Seems if you zone in from a point that is slightly higher than, not sure what to call it...sea level??? your protection bubble is visually too low, and appears to be half buried....…e2755d9e06c0df1b8fab689da

  • OK, tomorrow, Tuesday 16th July 2019...

  • Lone player needs help

    SHARKY - - Beginner's Questions


    Buy yourself 1 month of premium with real money - this will make the task much quicker, then follow the simple steps below. Gather Tier 5 resources and sell them on the market. As soon as you have enough silver, buy an island and build farming plots. Then farm a crop - carrots for example. Make sure you water them using your premium focus points. This will yield you 2 seeds per patch - 1 to reuse and 1 to sell - as well as the carrots that you can sell. Do this every day - gather T5 resources an…

  • A bit of news on the OPs question... Quote from Korn: “Finally, now that we have the F2P launch behind us, the next "distribution milestone" is going to be the mobile launch (rough guess Q1 or Q2 next year as the next two game updates take priority) ”

  • I spent a couple of hours today clearing SRDs in one of the busiest Yellow zones on the map. I found PLENTY - at least 50% that I entered were untouched, and not a single one I did was missing the chest.

  • Quote from Player112: “Quote from Samashaus: “I've decided to leave the game too. 300 ping isnt going to get me any further and theres only so much stuff I can gather.the Solo Dungeon thing was a good idea until it became evident it's just another opportunity for one shot bullshit builds that come in and duo/trio gank you, that are copy pasted and used extensively. The ping is crippling in PvP situations unless you're from NA - it's not fun and I sincerely doubt Albion will get another server lo…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “I'm guessing it's like a group dungeon... the dungeon entrance doesn't spawn until the player that used the map gets within X amount of meters of it. It's visible to everyone after it spawns. ” Then the 900k price tag doesn't really seem worth it. I was thinking that maybe they couldn't get dived. Unless you get well in excess of 250k fame, you'd be safer buying tomes with that silver. Although of course tomes are zero fun.

  • Are these SRDs only visible to the map holder?