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  • Add Dungeon Territories

    Karmac - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Add a few special territory types that do not generate any resources but instead will have a dungeon entrance in the middle. Enemy players can dive the dungeon but the guards would alert of their approach. Dungeons could be upgraded with the upcoming "Crystal Realm" system - no crystal realm won - T4 dungeon 1 victory - T5 dungeon 2 victories - T6 dungeon 3+ victories - T7 dungeon

  • I'm sceptical about the roadmap. My biggest issue with this game has always been that it gives too much power over a small group of players and as the game matures it's harder and harder to get new guilds strong enough to contest that. What makes the issue even worse is the Round Table where they basically pile up all of these top 1% players get to voice their opinion what's wrong about the game. Developers need a huge change in mindset and start developing for the grunts and not the guildmaster…

  • * Do you think that Black/Red hellgates should be capped? Absolutely, gates have been much more populated since the cap was introduced. I still feel there should be a ELO ranked full loot match system using Scrims for the top top end of players to experience high-risk and high-reward gameplay more often than what happens in gvgs. * Would you be happy if the cap was at least raised, to 7.2 for example? I think the current one is fine, people are overcharging 6.1 with 400/400 specs even though the…

  • Whoever thinks no-one does hellgates because of the IP-cap probably never really played hellgates that much. If anything hellgates became WAY MORE active with the IP cap. Just before the cap was introduced you would go in to hellgates and find empty gates, solo players, 2-4 player groups... basically almost never a proper fight. Now with the IP cap there's usually 3-5 teams running them at the same time... yeah great, lets remove the IP cap and make hellgates dead again.

  • T7 Direboar

  • Quote from SirAchtung: “u talk shit. galathines pretty weak on zvz and halberd much more OP. ” and you obviously dont know what you're talking about.

  • HG teams that could afford it brought 8.2 gear and expensive relics into hellgates. Facing these teams the poorer teams just didnt bother anymore - hellgates basically were dead until the cap was introduced. Problem with non-capped environments is that someone always invests more money into it than others pushing away majority of the competition. Capped HGs are much better than uncapped ones

  • Absolutely love this. I've been running this in a dungeon group to measure build performance there. I'm a huge theorycrafter and do a lot of math to find optimal builds for faming and just a while using this tool i learned new things. Thanks a lot, add a donate button if you plan on improving the tool.

  • Zalrenic's data is faulty as it also includes gatherers that are riding direwolves that usually just die and never actually kill anyone. More interesting would be to compare common ganking builds K/D (Bloodletter+cape(to not include gatherer)+direwolf and claws+cape+direwolf)

  • Quote from Zalrenic: “I am actually running queries to get K:D by mount type independent of other factors... four dudes jumping on dude are obviously going to win more often than not. ” Would it be possible to run that with bloodletter + cape + direwolf ?

  • Quote from CHUVAO: “2) Allow training in the arenas. Training options where all the players are with the Skill maximum and all available gears. ” You do know of the Scrim system, right?

  • one thing that supports big alliances is the addition of energy. Resources can be stolen by allies but energy is passively generated by mages, there is no way to grief them from inside an alliance. Bigger alliance = more defenders for mages. In the past, resources were the main income from territories. these territories needed to be scouted and if not regularly scouted resources were stolen. This is still an issue in big alliances but since the guild still gets the energy.. it's more "tolerated"…

  • I also think clarent is too close to the other weapons (Halberd/galantine). I personally would like to see developers experimenting with different damage shapes, the radius damage shape is a bit dull. Frontal cone on Bearpaws is refreshing. Maybe something similar could be used in clarent blade to make it different from halberd/galantine, like a cone aoe where the sword swings from left and then to right, damage coming in 2 stages.


    Karmac - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Sounds like a bad idea. I'd be all up for "party share" option for zvz loot to keep everyone focused on the fight instead of looting (since it'd be locked for 3 mins unless you got the roll)... but in no way i'd like a system that directly distributes everything to a guild.. Example: How many guilds ever distribute any of their gained energy back to their members? Energy going directly to a magical guild energy storage was big mistake. SBI should develop more features that requires mutual trust …

  • Quote from Eternalhaze: “I said it earlier in this thread: Overcharged 4.1 at max spec is equivalent to flat t8 gear. 4.1 > 5.0 + 200 IP from spec > 7.0 + 100 IP from overcharge = T8. Such a dumb mechanic, but I can't blame people for using it. The worst part about overcharge is how shit hell-gates have become not only because of overchage, but mainly because of the IP caps that were added only seems to encourage overcharge. ” "max spec" is 300 IP, to reach this you need 100 spec in all spec nod…

  • I really dont understand the philosophy in this market interface. I'm selling an item and i can suddenly change it to BUY ORDER or BUY. Every time the sell order list and history is hidden. If i choose normal quality items it doesnt show good quality item prices... (like it used to list for lowest price).. Why didnt they just continue improving the old UI. this is horrible and i hate using the marketplace everytime i have to.

  • same as with brimstone, you need someone to actually CC the target before using your meatball. It's totally fine as it is now.

  • Quote from Vindrax: “So either you are not paying attention or you are just not in the know of what is actually going on. This is being utilized frequently and my point is that if we're going to allow people to basically negate the portal lock system, we should just abolish the portal locking system entirely. ” Well honestly, i had no idea that Blue Army uses it in this scale. I know that some GvGers occasionally relock before their gvg by joining another guild. Easy fix for this would be to dis…

  • Quote from owensssss: “Abusing guild mechanics to get a teleport feature is absolutely against the idea of a open world sandbox. that’s destroying the time and distance aspects which are a gigantic portion of the game. Where as alliance hopping is purely a social thing, you must convince the other guild to accept you, and has a basis in ever changing alliances and relationships which is a mainstay of a open world sandbox. Having surprises like that is a great moment where things are revealed. “O…

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “Quote from Karmac: “Quote from Fusionbomb: “guild hopping isnt the problem ” Oh yes it is. ” Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean it's a problem. If people want to hire a group of mercenaries to GvG for their guild, they should absolutely be able to do so. If someone wants to join a friend's guild/alliance to help them ZvZ, they should definitely be able to that. Bypassing the portal lock mechanic (by hopping guilds) is the only thing that is against the spirit of…