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  • Ma participation au concours:…d/116187-Tell-Your-Story/ Si vous voulez de l'aide pour traduire la votre hésitez pas. Il est dur pour moi de vous raconter tant d'histoires en si peu de temps, mais je vais tout de meme tenter de vous décrire ce qui a pu mener à ce que je suis aujourd'hui, un vétéran dont la face reflète les années de guerres : (Hidden Content) Tout commenca il y a fort longtemps, je n'étais alors qu’un simple bucheron dans les bois de KingsMarket, me…

  • It’s hard for me to tell you so many stories in such a short time, but i’ll try to describe you what led to the person I am today, a veteran whose face shows years of wars : (Hidden Content) It all began a long time ago, I was a simple lumberjack in KingsMarket woods. My friends were telling me stories of conquests and wars in the countries beyond the seas. We decided to go to this adventure by ourself and that’s how Elysion was born. Having already told it’s story, I can only tell you that it w…

  • New Solo PvP video:

  • Quote from Komamura: “how did you get that silver knight icon? ” the 5th one? it's the 1st season reward

  • pi42ClY.png Might want to put a scroll or extend the modal PS: yes I know I didn't do last month's challenge

  • What's your gaming playlist?

    Gugusteh - - Small Talk


    I've played so much time that i listen to any kind of music while playing now. I still have a tendancy for rock / metal: with some power metal / SOAD etc. I love to listen to some classic music while roaming: Beethoven / ... And ofc some Two Steps From Hell to make ZvZs more epic.

  • Stream Sniping

    Gugusteh - - Forum Banter


    You can't avoid streamsnipe if you play albion: there is always a way for people to know where you are unless you: - hide completely the screen & IG sounds while moving between dungeons - hide the tier of mobs, your active buffs & selected target buffs - ... Basically hiding most of the content. It's also not possible to ban streamsnipers since it's not possible to tell if they came here for you or just "randomly". Even if it's "obvious" it can still be a coincidence & you cannot ban people with…

  • Quote from hypnoticshadow: “It worked perfectly because I checked with my guild, of course it was working also after percyval update Dev keep nerfing solo players and do nothing for one neuron noobs, congratulation again but here they did better they did a change without saying anything ruining the game experience to players, if they want to change something hsay it to everybody and justify why. ” devs: "create dungeons designed for solo players" players: "OMG stop nerfing solo players"

  • Quote from owensssss: “Quote from Xanthirius: “Poor comparison. ” How so? Both take a bit of extra time searching for better rewards ” It's comparing something that's random (roaming mobs bosses) to something that's fixed (rd bosses). It's clearly a bad comparison. The system here is not done well, so ofc you can do reversed dungeons and be "safer" (even tho you don't have any shrine during the cleaning then), or focus only on the bosses, but you can't say that the "rush to boss" mechanic is per…

  • Quote from Deviator: “Speed running is a form of PVP ” What the f*ck.... Speed running is a way to do this dungeons, however this dungeons weren't designed for that (obviously) and such activity creates frustration since you clear the dungeon expecting a reward that's not here. There is currently 0 incentive for someone who doesn't need fame to clear the trash mobs. It's however good to have the possibility to do it. The 2 best options I see to limit such behavior are: - being able to open the c…

  • Alors pour les rerolls (les gens les appellent "Alts"), ils sont créés pour 4 raisons: 1. les learning points (points d'apprentissage) 2. le focus (focalisation) 3. les portal & gvg locks 4. les gatherers le 3ème te concerne pas pour le moment donc t'en fais pas, mais les 2 premiers sont liés au premium (meme si tu peux gagner quelques LP sans le premium). le 4ème est un peu un melange des autres: tu as besoin du premium pour récolter plus, les LP aident a la progression, le focus peut être util…

  • So this weekend I spent 24h doing T7 and T8 solo dungeons. I think I died around 10 times total, including around 7 deaths in fights I engaged or in fair fights (my fault). I have killed about 15 people diving me, 1v1 or 2v1. The shrine system allows you to take pretty much any 1v2 and makes you safe half the time. As I said before, the big groups diving dungeons were just a trend due to the hype. They are maybe still a thing in some regions but won't last long. PS: keeper giants are way more da…

  • Quote from Shakurs: “Merci pour vos réponses. J'avance doucement mais ce qui me fait peur, c'est le gameplay que je trouve vraiment très limité , je trouve qu'il y a pas assez de compétence. Je vais continuer mais j'ai peur que sa me fasse stop, dommage. ” Alors c'est sur que tu as 6 boutons donc ca reste limité, mais tu as pas mal d'armes et armures a partir du T4 et c'est la que ca devient intéressant (tu as vraiment de quoi theorycraft si ce genre de choses t'intéresse).

  • There is gankers because there is a lot of people running this dungeons, because it's the hype and of course gankers are coming. Wait 1 week and you will almost see none. Same thing happened with the group dungeons btw.

  • yo en retard Je viens juste donner quelques precisions si ca peut aider: - la qualité donnée par les spés de craft correspond à 1 roll/100 de qual. En gros a chaque fois que tu vas craft un item avec un bonus de 300 qual. tu auras 3 rolls de qualité (random). - le max de qualité avec 400/400 correspond a 11 rolls a peu près (en gros la chance d'avoir un item MP (meilleure qualité possible) = 1/91 au lieu de 1/1000). - le bonus de maitrise va jusqu'a +300 IP (et non pas 160) mais c'est vraiment p…

  • Tbh I don't feel like the item is too strong compared to other chests. The reason why I see it played a lot is the behavior with the graveguard helmet. Aside from that it's just a 2s "godmode", if you compare it to mage / scholar / cultist / druidic / fiend robes you always get strength similar effects. People are just lazy there ...

  • Solo dungeon - too easy

    Gugusteh - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Balance seemed fine to me, The best way to have challenging pve in a pvp context is to have high but avoidable damages (AoEs basically). The T8 morgana was actually shredding me (i'm running in cloth T7 +250ip) The other dungeons weren't much hard unless you eat the spells of the mobs. I like it that way since it allows you to turn on people diving you. 2 side notes: - shrines are making the dungeons easy but that's great imo - what build were you running? Also saying that you're using T4 while …

  • Joining a Guild Penalty

    Gugusteh - - Bugs


    wait so you can: - leave guild A - apply in guild B and A - join guild B (cd starts) - leave guild B (still on cd) - get accepted to guild A Am I right? cus that's abusable

  • Yes you have forgotten about my locus you filthy RPer ! I like the e-pen*s meter ideas but that killfame calculation doesn't take in consideration the reality of the events. As a locus I can save hundreds of people in a fight and would get <1/4 of what a healer could get. ALSO Shields don't count as healing done sadly and I don't this they are tracked in any way atm.

  • :feelsBlackMonkStaffMan: