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  • Welcome to the forums, quite an entrance It is a bug. Hopefully fixed soon.

  • I have done maybe few dozen srd and have not seen an empty chest yet. Yea some completely empty dungeons. I am so glad not everyone is rushing the chests... Just go off the beaten path. Btw, I leave the first mob coins near the entrance to show the dung is busy

  • One thing that I find bit weird is killing a huge boss and opening the huge pink chest and inside are only few tomes of insight nothing else. Makes one think how the loot table actually works... Most of the time there are runes and souls of differnt tier at least, which is nice.

  • Example 4: Talking about these things on the forums Several times market has reacted

  • Example 3: Gold Market At times the margin is abot 500 silver but is very quickly closed. For example 2500 to buy 2020 to sell. If you see this set a buy order at 2021 wait 10 minutes and sell it with nice little profit I have seen tis happen early EU morning time. Also as market average is the trade made during that time this is a way to make nice bounces in the graph so people react and either sell or buy.

  • I kept my warhorse. It is a real mount and the 50g is nothing.

  • @Piddle Because I have not talked to anyone that actually admits doing it, this is pure speculation. Example: Recruiter’s Horse last few days. One horse was sold for 120M silver. The same day 2 Recruiter Horses were sold ”accidentally” for 10k. Bringing the market price to 40 Mill. Someone mentioned this to me and I set a buy order for 79mill. Someone else set a buy order of 80mill. Both of these buy orders were met in just 2 days. Example 2: Healing Potions in Bridgewatch The prices go at times…

  • In many ways now that AO is almost 2 years old, the economy is similar to real life. Top 2% control the market. There is supply and demand that affect things but also decent amount of market manipulation going on. I am no economist. Just replying to follow this thread, really. This is something that has interested me for a long time.

  • Recruiter’ Ram, Yule Ram, Recruiter’s Moabird and Recruiter’s Bat were not converted to Mount Skins, supposedly because there was no matching ”base mount”. Perhaps suggesting that new base mounts could be added in future updates. As I was notified in another thread, the Armored Warhorse was an attempt to have cheap (50g) vanity mount that people would bring to PvP areas. This old mechanic was replaced by the new one.

  • I think it is intreresting experiment to see what actvities are profitable as free player. Right now I would say running SRD in blu/yellow and selling loot.

  • Recruiter’s Banner and Riuros Cape probably Discontinued Items List

  • Quote from Lilvix: “Or SBI could simply add a /roll command, not that's an hard feature to implement. /roll or /roll 100 for a 1-100 roll. /roll a-b for a roll from value a to value b. That way, no more scam casino with rigged randomizers and shitz. New feature for the game, and handy one at that (to quickly solve some arguments/decisions), and problem solved. But yes, ban twitch spam. ” I like that. But probably block /roll from global and local. Whisper, Group and maybe Guild/Alliance would pr…

  • [Closed]Buying Recruiter's Horse

    Ravenar - - Trade


    Bought one for less than 80 million in Caerleon AH. It seems many old accounts went to dig them out last few days. It is not extremely rare. Just many people that have them are now inactive. That is my understanding.

  • @Finalhecate Yea, I was commenting on the thread title. They changed how mob resistances and hitpoints are handled. I can only assume that change messed up the GRD. Or maybe it is intended that to FF a GRD you need to wear higher tier gear. But then the fame should probably be buffed to match... Anyway balancing needs to be done. There are some SRD bosses that do almost no damage to you, then a few that hit for 30% insta damage. More consistency with mob difficulty and fame would be nice.

  • I am confused. My daily casual fame farm at least tripled after Percival. Roaming mobs and srd give nice quick fame and without the cluster reduction it is crazy fast. If grd was indeed affected, I assume that was unintended? @Elsa ?

  • Quote from ShadrickRyuzaki: “2) All but Rex i need Rex ” Grats! Yea, Rex would make the collection complete...

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “If people start running sRDG backwards and end up collecting ganker tears - that's a +1 win against the no skill gankers, which is always a plus in my book! ” So what about those gankers who start to do it back to front and notice that the chests are already empty. I mean if over 50% start doing srds backwards everyone gets annoyed by this. Once again so many people support a broken mechanic until it starts to hurt themselves too. just set some locked gates that open a…

  • Eagle...

    Ravenar - - General Questions & Discussions


    I do not have one yet but few pointers: 1) just the size. One eagle covers the whole auction house desk. About 10 covers the whole screen in the city... 2) This hopefully is a typo. 10 second cooldown reduction and a 3 second cooldown? So you can just have this on the whole time? 3) Forcefield as long as you keep channeling, uninterruptible? edit: ok, this was a 3 second channel I hope I get to try it in practice but for me this seems kinda unbalanced. I hope to hear from someone who already has…

  • As far as I understand, there is no guarantee that the adventure challege mounts would not return again at some time. Possibly next year. Or maybe never. I do not remember an official statement saying definetly that they would return either. So for now it is up for speculation. If you wait for a few months you might get a bit better deal. That invicibility on a mount is quite nice. Maybe making this something people might want.