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  • This would be really messy to implement in both inventory management and the market. I'd hate to have a box full of t6 gear have to mouse over all of them to see what bonuses they have.

  • Loving the portal changes so far. The 1 month freebie portal lock change and all the new continents means that each city has enough portals to avoid being trapped in any one area. The change really made the world feel big again.

  • I've been playing Albion for some time now and I'd like to see some of the ability animations revisited to be clearer and more satisfying. I do understand that reusing animations is an important time and cost saving measure and I would need to see the animation system for myself to see what's possible but moving forward and with the popularity of the game growing I think more time spent here could really improve player engagement. You want people to really enjoy the builds they spent so many hou…

  • Some small success in the Thetford auction. A few plots got sniped here and there and overall I think the land owners had to pay way more to hold onto their land. I was hoping it'd be a big dramatic free for all but it'll probably take a while for things to settle in a better place. A few plots also snuck by with only 50k or 300k bids, it'd be nice if we could bump those up. I'll keep throwing my money at trying to buy the plots from one of the Thetford landlords and hope it gets less and less p…

  • Yeah, the arena bonus shouldn't slowly creep forward no matter what you do. It'd be nice to be able to log on every day and know I have an arena bonus waiting.

  • The Arena Bonus begins the reset timer when you get your first win and I think this is unintuitive and inconsistent with the other daily bonuses (Adventurers challenge, expedition bonus) which reset with during daily maintenance. I think daily arena bonus should be reset with maintenance so it's consistent with the other daily bonuses instead of using a 24 hour timer on first win. (Which is also inconsistent with the 22 hour timer used on farms)

  • The great arcane staff time-freeze ability needs better visual feedback when enemies are frozen and invulnerable. It should be more obvious that they can't be damaged.

  • The Obscured Character Highlighting option doesn't work between restarts of the game. It has to be toggled off and then toggled back on against until it starts working again. Steps to reproduce: 1. Turn Obscured Character Highlighting on 2. Restart the application Expected result: Obscured character highlighting should be turned on in the options and it should still be working Actual result: Obscured higlighting is still turned on in the options menu but it does not work. It must be turned toggl…

  • Exotic Plants

    Shaedeezy - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Kayl: “during the latest amas sbi said they plan on introducing new weapons later this year. those weapons could use these rare plants as part of their ingredients. the impact on the resources price (wood, fiber etc.) will hopefully be low :). ” It could be cool to have weapons made out of them, but I think it'd lose some of the intuition of the current weapon/armor system with normal and relic weapons. Though I guess Royal Sigils are an outlier too so it's on the table. It'd also be …

  • new portal system

    Shaedeezy - - Feedback & Suggestions


    I am enjoying the new portal lock system. I picked a quieter spot in Anglia to gather in because I don't have a guild to back me up and I've been having a lot of success with it. It feels good to know that this small section of the world is my area and my encounters will be with local players who I will meet again and again.

  • Exotic Plants

    Shaedeezy - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Interaction between my personal island and the open world is one of the most satisfying elements of this game for me and I'd love to see it expanded into the other island farming professions. Currently raising monster animal pups is the only example of this, since both arcane essence and fishing are involved in only the crafting process. My suggestion is to add rare seeds that drop in the open world and require some special care in order to be raised. What follows is how they might be implemente…

  • Buying Island Decorations

    Shaedeezy - - Trade


    Got a chest full of island decorations you don't know what to do with? I'm buying any and all of them! Message me at Shadez#7065 on discord, or Shaedeezy in game with a picture of your decoration inventory or a list and we can figure out a fair price (Better than the 1 silver you'll get on the auction house for a lot of this stuff.)

  • I'm playing in borderless windowed mode, and sometimes when I alt-tab out of the game and then click back in I am able to move around but hotkeys stop working. I have to click on an ability and then hotkeys will start working again. To reproduce 1) Press enter to bring up chat menu (I don't think this is required but it makes it happen reliably) 2) Alt-Tab to change window focus to something else 3) Click on the Albion window, or alt-tab back to it Result: Can move around as normal but pressing …

  • These are looking awesome, and it is a great system to have live events and new content! Will there be only one entrance to a dungeon or will multiple parties meet in one dungeon?

  • Will the learning points cost for specialization also increase with the new fame cost? On the same topic it has always bothered me when I was told that learning points are more efficient the later you spend them on specialization. I think this makes the optimal playstyle really not fun (grind lots and lots without learning points, then use the learning points later.) Players shouldn't be punished for using their LP on early specialization points.

  • Really excited to get to play this update, good work iterating the game for the better! Albion has a bright future even if there will be some rocky moments (and there always are in any game's life cycle.) The fame changes will make it a lot more appealing to get new people into the game, especially if they want to catch up on gathering tools.

  • Hard caps aren't a good solution to the grouping problem. They are frustrating for players because it ends up feeling like the developers are micromanaging the sandbox instead of letting the social aspect happen organically. What we need is more things to encourage smaller groups and changes to the realmgates and the map are a good start.

  • I have to agree with @Thorn-Delwyn here, just increasing the reward for solo mobs is a band-aid to a bigger issue. I think that the social interaction between strangers is very limited in the current state of Albion. Let's focus on solo players who have reached a point in the game where they are interested in exploring the black zone for the rewards. When a player chooses to go on their own they either do so by choice for the challenge or because they have no one to go with (They haven't made an…

  • Quote from Mandala: “The problem is both SBI and a few players mixing both. They are indeed connected, just the same way other game features/systems are. ” You are correct here when you say they are connected. They're very intricately connected. In the current iteration a guild can sit together in Caerleon and use the realmgate to be anywhere in the blackzone the moment they have an objective. Any players just logging on to join in on the fight can also log into Caerleon and immediately ride to …

  • @Thorn-Delwyn Will the dungeon entrances inside old dungeons lead to the same pool of randomized dungeons as the dungeon entrances in open world?