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  • Upper Continent

    Bohrum - - Beginner's Questions


    The upper continent is called Outlands, and is a full loot pvp place. You can go there via Conquerors' Hall in the Royal Cities, or via Avalon Roads on some places in all maps (I wouldn't suggest you use these to get there tho, cause you need to wander a bit on Avalon to get in the Outlands and also you can be teleported to literally anywhere). The Outlands are black zone maps, so you get a massive loot and xp bonus, but you are permanently flagged as a pvp player until you get back to the Royal…

  • wasnt there an option to send a message to the guild on the mail? must be it

  • I didn't receive any mail, but my mount skin was already in the account (i checked it after 1 week, i think), so check in the skins tab if you got it

  • pvp flag should work with any flag tho I don't really know if chests work like mob loot, which the loot goes to the biggest dmg dealt, work like group players, which the loot is divided by the players dealing damage, or are completely open. I think they wouldn't leave any item if it was like this. There's a chance you're just unlucky and got trash loot, even at a golden chest also

  • Well, Albion has that kind of "no objective" vibe and that can be really confusing for some players, so usually you need to set yours and go for it to make the game more interesting. I would suggest getting to t8 with a weapon, getting your first premium with silver or maxing a spec to play in your first month (or couple of months if you don't play that often). Most of the game can be boosted when you have the premium in your char, so I would suggest you to try to get as earlier as possible. glh…

  • War and faction

    Bohrum - - Beginner's Questions


    unfortunately there isnt, but you can always enter a big zvz guild in the black zone and witness a massacre for both sides lol now fr factions have a huge gap for new ideas, like wars itself or player hunt (which already have in some cities bordering royals, a player/group go faction flagged and keeps pking other faction members to farm crates/fame). We need to wait and hope for new ideas coming in the next patches

  • Well, most of the worth doing cds if one the pvp you get on slayer, or ratting and rushing only chests. The loots will be kinda bad tho, as you will probably be playing on a t5 map, but you can win in quantity over quality, with a high mobility / dps build for faster clear.

  • well, I like to measure the profit i would lose dying in the next floor, to know if its really worth risking one additional set. It will depend on how you will manage the risks. Personally, i prefer to risk between one or three cds before quitting, or playing indefinitely in stalker (until i run out of slots, sometimes)

  • Quote from AppleDevourer: “crap apparently i was banned from it lmao ” lol wtf did u do

  • Is there a way to know wtf am i doing roaming through portals again and again?

  • What is the name you're trying to use?

  • You can get money with anything, if you don't mess it up or die too much. Just try to learn most of the basics in blue and yellow zones, and don't die in red or black zones Solo dungeon is a good way to get money fast, along with fame (but the most in red and black zones) Corrupted dungeon is a good way to farm while having pvp (you can get a hafty amount if you get the gist of it) Ganking can be more risky and a little expensive to get the gear, but you can farm a lot of fame (and loot if lucky…

  • Just get a cleric robe/merc jacket, so you can get the overheal/invincibility while you explode the mob pool. The scholar cowl is mostly to replenish mana, as your greataxe spends a hefty amount of it. Hellion jacket/stalker jacket can also be used, but you need to be really mindful about the damage you take For the boots, any leather boot can be used, as you wanna use refreshing sprint to abuse your aoe skills. I like to use catfish or cabbage soup to replenish health, but you can also use the …

  • ratting is simply running from the slayer on the dungeon, to destroy the crystals or to even get out of the dungeon before the slayer catches up to you. There's not a lot of players that do this (the community likes to use cds as pvp arenas, so they bs a lot about rats). Its a build with high mobility (bloodletter/double bladed/mace...) overall. I don't suggest you to go in stalker cds while in mobile, unless you like the disadvantage you get from doing this and the high risk to lose your gear. …

  • Now seriously, black hands should've just been reworked to the new sets of gloves. Hope they make something like the black hands in the new tree.

  • things like this make me feel lucky to read the forum and the patch notes, lmao Now hideouts have a channeling to enter, unless you've set them as home

  • Quote from Unangwata: “Give me example of wargloves in human history. The fact that there is magic in game doesn't mean you have to make things that have no sense. Gloves would never be viable weapon. Game already have claws and gloves and it doesn't make Albion look better. You have many different options instead of adding whole new bunch of them, despite what you may think of this idea.. ” Go play For Honor then, wtf you're bullshitting a weapon that hasn't been released yet in a MMORPG with w…

  • Dash towards the targeted position, dealing physical damage to all enemies you pass through based on their current Health. - Target Health: Above 40% | Below 40% - Damage: 490 | 1056 Hitting at least one enemy player below 40% Health increases your Cooldown Rate by 90% for 1s. Well, looks like it lmao

  • Well, I don't think you would be violating any rule, but this seems kinda tricky and maybe not that worth doing in 4 accounts. It seems more doable in 2 or 3 accounts tho

  • i wanna know too ward