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  • Quote from flyn: “Update UTC 22:43: The servers are under another ddos attack. We're on it. ” Stay proactive, and to confront any problems frankly, in accordance with the saying that: the best form of defence is attack. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Yushimitsu: “Hey@'Eltharyon' Noone means to dishearten you, I'm just being honest with you, I work in the programming , protection and gaming industry for years, I've known games fall and die due to DDoS many of them, I myself had a game very close to my heart lost a DDoS war after a month without sleep , but not because I wasn't prepared, but because I didn't have the funds to get the proper support , I trully think you do have those funds, I think many things your company have done …

  • Guilde close. Merci à tous pour ces deux années riches en cassage de Q ! Quote from CDX: “KCDQ ! © by CDX members, any other uses is strictly prohibited. ”

  • Fin du sondage.

  • La guilde ferme. Enfin, elle utilise le spell "Bloc de glace" en attendant une éventuelle renaissance pour la release. (Quant à moi... Wait and see.)

  • Toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin.

  • Bot sur albion

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    Hello, Je n'ai jamais utilisé de bot mais j'ai également vu un comportement suspect... (C'est peu dire, le bot était coincé dans le décor et continuait à chevaucher, s’arrêtait, dismount et remount et continue à galoper face à une montagne...). La marche à suivre, je te copie/colle mon mail à envoyer à Quote: “Hi, Saturday the 1st of april, at around 3 AM (UTC +1) in Pen Ghent. I saw a player named "...", is behavior was sooo obvious. I'm positiv that he was using some …

  • No reply from dev, mean's to me: That this simple ui improvment is already done for the release. It is really easy to implement, and absolutly necessary ! Or not ? What do you thing about that ? (I know... Majority of people who read this forum speak english but...).

  • The beta's..

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    Beta 1 : Your choice. Beta 2 : Your choice. Beta 3 : Your choice. Vote ? Quote: “What are your opinion ? ”

  • @Korn @Burnstreet @MadDave @Bercilak @H4n1baL @Monochrome @Retroman What are your opinion about the international status of the game ? Could you improve the ui ? If the notion of a common interest is to play together, each country/langague* must find its proper place. *Each players. Some are still young and understand nothing in english, the old one too... We look forward to your response (with great hope). Many thanks.

  • Hi, Ao is certainly an international game (on the language side). Sadly, the dev of SBI, seems to take the easy way in game... Speak english. Or, find a guild to interract in your mother tongue. Result : Few "live" verbal exchange (Hidden Content), discussions and social tie inside the game. And all communications pass between hosts (TS/Discord...) over an encrypted communication channel. Why not ? Add six, seven (more or less) channels dedicated to made easily interactions between different lan…

  • Thanks you for this good advice !

  • Quote from TimTheEnchant3r: “Happy to answer questions anyone might have about the build. Cheers. ” Hi ! Glad to see this build on the spotlights. I use the same, but instead of knight boots, i use cleric sandals. With Blink and agression. It alows me to confuse my ennemies sometimes and escape from grap. After seeing your build, i doubt. Should i use knight boots instead ? Did you use them especially for gvg ? Did you've an opinion on cleric sandals (useless on gvg, good for mass pvp, ...) ? Ma…

  • Bonjour à toutes et tous, Quote from Omad: “Le recrutement est toujours ouvert. Nous attendons chaleureusement vos demandes. ” Bien à vous, Théfesse Ramaine. Secrétaire adjoint du groupe ELY-AO and cie

  • Quote: “Each resource type will have its own equipment set consisting of four pieces: helmet, armor, shoes and a backpack. ” So, we had to gathering one type of ressources at time with the specific equipement ? Or, to have 2, 3 or 4 full "pack" and switch them if we want collect differents ressources with the same gatherer ? The second option sounds to me very .... Stupid. (Sorry).

  • First MMO

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    T4C, really ? no one ? With UO it was the first real mmoRPg. After i was playing DAoC, then T4C again untill AO (yes T4C may have 20 years and people still playing !) hqdefault.jpg

  • Hi, From my personal experience, i think that there is more players from EU/RU/BR (utc -3 to +3) than US/CA and oceanic's. Maybe i'm totaly wrong but the dev can know which are the ours with the most server connections and adjust, from time to time, some territories shedule ? (Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my first langage). My two cents.

  • Or read some spotlight's Elysion TAO Just two guilds in CDX. Italian... sciocchezze !

  • Leaderboard bitches = The Druids

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    Do not forget the TAO ! taokillboard.png

  • Hi, It's our first city fight after Faye release. The gvg is quit a mess but we had good time. On the video we won, but there was a counter-attack from Snow and we loose the city. GG to HnG and SNOW ! Thanks you for the fight. Hope you enjoy it. (I dont know how to insert the iframe code of the youtube video... Some help ?)