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  • Greetings from a newbie

    puddingsea - - Introduce yourself!


    Hi everyone, My name is Devon and I come from England. Yes, I’m here because Albion is an old name for my homeland. Just kidding, I like the game, it’s fantastic. I haven’t played it much, though, but first impressions are quite positive. Now, why did I start playing in the first place? Well, due to some circumstances, I have a lot of free time on my hands, so I need some activities to fill it up with something interesting. If you’re about to ask why I don’t go to work instead, don’t do that. It…

  • Books You're Currently Reading?

    puddingsea - - Small Talk


    Quote from She0gorath: “Inferno, by Dan Brown. If you like the mixture of action and mystery, this author offers plenty of it! ” Oh man, I love all the Dan Brown books, Deception Point is one of my favorites!!