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  • Nerf Bow

    Zentiic - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from BraveArt: “When is this shit being nerfed? stand still E win require no skill ” if your facetanking a bow your doing it wrong.

  • man is cracked

  • Reconnect and cool down

    Zentiic - - Rants


    Logging is like entering a zone, subjects you to cooldowns. Otherwise this could see rampant abuse with gankers logging in at chokes and popping people.

  • Quote from BraveArt: “*The pudding change - Reduce the amount of shield given to the point that it only protects v’s 2 auto attacks above 40%. So basically they removed the helmet from the game - so instead of making the helmet good for the classes that desperately need it they removed it’s effectiveness completely and nerfed swords etc while buffing the likes of tap kiters bows, curse etc.. ” Still being played, and it went from being the only viable option apart from cultist cowl to something …

  • HCE Discord

    Zentiic - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from Blenfjorn: “Quote from Zakdoo: “@Blenfjorn Hello i didn`t know how to contact you but do you know why i can`t join HCE server i am confused becouse i think i`ve got banned and i don`t know why my dc is zakdoo#7684 please reply ” I will contact you but please use the "conversations" feature on this platform instead of using someone else's post to talk to someone off topic. @mods please delete the above message and this, my reply to it. Edit: you were banned for a scam post. Since you d…

  • Or just get good at PvP. This guide also lacks the most important part of sustaining a long term economy, a focus based specialization. Not sure how you can make a wealth guide without mentioning refining alts, crafting alts. etc.

  • Quote from Helthros: “The problem isn’t oathkeepers. It’s that mace kit has too much damage in its Q and W. ” Delusional. Mace W does borderline 0 damage and the mace Q is so bad that you have to run carleon cape and CC your opponent. Even then a lot of builds will out trade especially if they have an i-frame or any semblance of a defensive.

  • Quote from Dr.Zoster: “I guess wintraders will abuse the system if that is the case. ” What? It already grants kill fame if you kill someone. Currently bugged when they can /suicide while downed to mobs. Been patched multiple times and comes back every once in a while. If you wanted to kill fame boost why would you even do that in a CD where you could get a random player?

  • Most desirable would be 0 though. Most people have between 80-150 ping though.

  • Re: Spear cripple

    Zentiic - - Rants


    Quote from Borbarad: “Hasn´t cripple been bugged for months anyway ? It started having the damage increase(25% all dmg for 5 seconds), but there was never any note of cripple being buffed by x dmg increase. Fun fact, 25% dmg for 5 seconds have adrenaline boost on axes, yet this somewhat was added to cripple - and there were never any notes of that being added. ” Never heard of this. Never heard any spear players mention it.

  • Re: Spear cripple

    Zentiic - - Rants


    Against a spear on cripple just use splitting smash and E off cooldown and kite. Without impaler your outrange them and outdamage them if they can't build up stacks. Play the matchup enough times and it's really fun for both players to outpoke and out space each other. Not sure why your still whining, game balancing is great. It seems your to new to understand matchup nuances so maybe there is some skill involved after all. I can't understand the rest of your post since the logic makes no sense …

  • Quote from Bardolomeo: “Quote from The_Support_God: “forge hammers cannot be purged though? but oath keepers can be purged so... please get your facts correct. and with that said oath keepers is weaker then forge hammers Makes you huge and resilient for 10s. Increasing your physical resistance by 101 and magical resistance by 171. Additionally improves your normal attack damage by 135%, and normal attack range by 50%.While huge you also slow all enemies in a 7m radius around you by 50%, ignoring…

  • Quote from WTF_Is_Going_On: “Graal Seeker is not just a kiting build. It is 1 shot sh*t, which can deal huge damage with plate armor, be one of the most mobiles in this game, and now, an enemy can't reset after its combo. ” keep malding ahah Quote from WTF_Is_Going_On: “f before this stupid update, player could clean a square, setup all the skills to max trade potential and just meet a QS(tomb, mace) there. Without traps, it can use too kill you(oh... didn't I remember above, that it is a f*ckin…

  • Quote from Deliosa: “reflect spin is not even close to beeing balanced why does it give you 150% resistance its like haivng 5 resi pots at once every 8 seconds how is this nerfed or balanced ” You don't understand how resistances work. It's mediocre with a channel time and reflects a fraction of the damage if your not on plate.

  • Quote from Veganas: “what? ” Loosing impaler damage in exchange for a utility W is a pretty bad trade. Only a niche pick in some matchups.

  • Leave reflect spin it's already been nerfed enough. AA's are a tad overtuned and maybe make Pike E consume stacks like the 1h spear.

  • Quote from Neekk0: “AFAIK there's no T7 resources even in T7 regions in royal, by design. Quote from Zentiic: “T7 red zones exist that spawn T7 resources.... ” ” There are T7 resources in T7 zones.

  • Quote from PRG: “Quote from Zentiic: “ROFL what a clown ” ???? ” There is not a single oathkeepers in the top 1000 players by mmr. It's a awful weapon. As a new player get better and stop bitching.

  • T7 red zones exist that spawn T7 resources....