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  • Quote from hunterGOD: “How solo DGS are going to work? For example: If I join first noone can joins after me? Because if other players join then isn't gonna be a solo dungeon, will be just another normal dungeon. If I join first the dungeon then will be my place to hunt right? Or any one else can after me? And about the high tier solo map dgs!? If I buy or drop a map and use it the first one who join will be the owner? Or only the map user will be allowed to join? ” Same questions.

  • The server does not allow players to log in at this time. Please try again in a few moments. What is this? Is this a maintenance?

  • Even in a large resolution is not possible to see the food buff while crafting, and there are some crafting foods with 2 minute duration, frequently this is not enough to cover all the craft but we can't see the remaining duration. Could you please add something in the crafting pane, or the Details sheet aside the inventory that shows the duration or effect for crafting?

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “Resource refining.There is options, where heart may replace any single raw resource. This mechanic block minimum heart price because it can consume any amount of emitted hearts. If devs wish to change market hearts(faction capes) price, they could just tune those recipes. ” Right! Forgot about those. Yes, there are more ways to change the costs of the cape, you are right. And is actually a good example. Because doesn't matter the tier of the refining, they all cost 1 "hear…

  • Quote from Crane: “It's already in game. It's called the AH, and it's generally cheaper than the merchant. ” Not what I have seen in tier 4-6... Quote from letwolf: “hint: - press Buy - move confirmation window so Confirm button will be on place with Buy when window closes - clickclickclickclick so fast as u can ” Thanks!

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “It's not about capes, or faction points, its about refining, bordering minimal hearts price =) If refining will requare 2 hearts - price will drop twice, if 3 - 3 times drop, and so on ” What do you mean about refining? What refining?

  • This is still a bug.

  • Could you please add an option to buy multiple laborers Journals at once?

  • Resources respawn

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    One thing I do know: It is not a fixed value. So, even if someone says "between 10 minutes and 2 hours", I'm not sure how this is going to help you. Good hunting!

  • New hellgates spawns

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    If you have to wait 30 minutes to find/enter a hellgate, something is wrong. I support your claim.

  • I don't see many Bear Paws around there, so I'm here to support your claim.

  • Don't forget that a 10% difference in 1v1 would be a 100% difference in 10v10... Albion is not only 1v1 game...

  • 1) Like they said before, I think this is fixed for looting boss chest, but if you want to just fight the boss for the chest and not the other mobs in the dungeon, you should be able to do it. 2) I don't see you point to that buff of defense against players, Albion is all about hardcore PvP. 3) I REALLY get you here, I have some level of OCD myself, would be nice to have some form of sets in Albion, maybe wearing the same type, maybe new items, I like the suggestion here. BUT! Albion has this fr…

  • Guild Symbols

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    If I may add something to you suggestion, a customized guild symbol could be a reward for top guilds after season ends. This way you will limit the effort for moderators to judge the images sent if they fit in Albion standards or not. Of course a customized guild symbol for those who want to pay some gold for it wouldn't hurt anyone!

  • Quote from Holoin: “I agree with you that high tier capes are lacking, however lowering the cost makes no sense. Higher tiear.should cost more than lower tier. I think a little nerf to the low tier capes (T4-T5) would be best. ” I'm not sure if you understood what I meant by lowering the cost in higher tiers. My suggestion was about to reduce the amount of "hearts" needed to create the cape. Right now T4 needs 1 "heart", T5 also 1, T6 needs 3, T7 needs 5 and T8 needs 10 "hearts". Even if all tie…

  • I would like to suggest to lower the amount of "heart" (Mountainheart, Vineheart, etc) needed to craft Capes in tiers 6+, or perhaps buff their effect to match the item value.

  • Island travel by typing bug

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    When you type an Island name, and then even if you find the island in the results box, clicking it, it will not let you travel to that island. Instead if you have another previous island selected, it will travel you there.

  • Sound of bag use

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    Could you please make the sound of a person opening the bag (like the Bag of Silver) just for the person's client? And not for everyone else around it? It is really annoying sometimes when you are in a Marketplace and someone keeps doing this noise non-stop...

  • What are the percentage difference of Fame gain between zones (Blue, Yellow, Red and Black)? Thanks.

  • [May 20th] Server Issues

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    Quote from Elsa: “ UPDATE: Quote from Elsa: “We have now deployed some counter-measures. Please let us know if you still experience any problems. ” ” Please know, still experiencing problems.