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  • Crystal League exists to pull people away from the open-world, which all of Albion is fundamentally based around. Not closed instanced daily fights done straight from the city, we NEED to move away from Crystal League, regardless of it's potential as an "e-sports scene."

  • 110% Support I can't stress this enough, running away and avoiding a fight is considered a win in Corrupted Dungeons. You don't have that luxury in any hellgates anymore due to the lava mechanic putting a complete end to continous reset comps, double warbows, etc. Thank God Quote from Goof: “Turn the design on its head. Treat Hellgates like a resource. Empty gates should be VERY profitable to force teams to fight over them. To get people inside organically the dynamic needs to be: "omg I think g…

  • Make attending to multiple plots a lot easier while reducing the carpal tunnel/arthritis strain on high spec Farmers mid daily focus dump, you can even introduce a 5% yield/focus fee respectively for electing to do so. Against all odds, you introduced the Use All option for bags/tomes, a level of QoL polish we dared dreamt of. Prove us wrong again, at least until we can start exchanging focus points for learning points.

  • HG'ers are a different breed than CD'ers, for starters we don't have an identity crisis in that we unanimously rejoiced knowing all the non-pvp-commiting rats would transition to CD's. If you HAVE to introduce CD's infamy steal system, make it a mere fraction of the impact it has within CD's, Avoiding combat is considered a hard win in CD's, you don't get that luxury here ... You want HG's to continue to be more accessible, where as risking losing infamy will chokehold teams from forming as free…

  • @Mytherceria @Talion Are Auto-Loot Scripts in PvP allowed? I'm asking because it would seem that they'd obviously be an instant ban due to how game breaking they are.And yet, I see them being blatantly abused each and every day, from examples on the reddit, to unironical in-guild humor of how blatant the use of auto loot scripts are. I'm not just asking you to clarify if auto loot scripts are ban worthy or not, I'm asking why aren't you even remotely enforcing the banning of auto loot scripts th…

  • Blackscreen after zoning

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    Quote from Amoebius76: “UPDATE: Server is back up, everybody should be alright. Please let us know if you have any further issues! ” I've been getting constant 20s black screens after loading into ANY zone, be it a RD or a map, regardless of the amount of players SINCE percival patch. This is unplayable for the Black Zone. I've done everything on my end possible, help.

  • Constant black screens lasting 20 seconds after loading into ANY zone, be it a RD or map.