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  • Yes, my faction standing points were deducted also (another balancing patch, another hit you take)

  • Quote from GokuBlackBR: “What was the situation that gave you those points?If it was for kill and KO's it should be a lot better than yesterday but also a lot worse than before this first 2 patchs. Also the amout of points for objectives like domaining the clusters got increased. I'm not defending the changes just trying to give you some hope. ” its for killing a bat in solo dungeon, but still with 6,000,000 cap, anything bellow 1 shouldn't exist

  •…52bc40626a57112dc78ace1ee 5x nerf with release day of the patch, bringing back actual rates for 4 hours, quick hot fix nerfing it 10x I guess, biggest hype was the race whoever gets 1st to elite mounts, now its corrupted... I lost motivation and fun.

  • This patch did nothing

    w00style - - Rants

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