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  • Solo ganking should never be about dismounting that was always absurd it was even possible. Solo is about catching people farming while they are dismounted to begin with faming/gathering etc. Unfortunately yes any changes to make it easier on the prey against multiple targets will also impact solo. I think most people agree Albion being a zerg fest is cancer. Also yes alliances/HOs are also unnecessary and driving the zerg behavior. Those are entire other topics that hopefully at some point get …

  • Mace and tomb have CC yes but inevitably have to approach you to do damage. Also their CC can be negated by various things such as dodge roll and cleric robe/cowl to allow damage trades back. Frost also has to eventually spam Q in place with allows for atleast some damage trade. Bow is so oppressive because it can damage instantly from high range on E and completely prevent any damage trade due to their low CD high range knockback Q and frostshot W leap. They can afford to hold their mobility bo…

  • The guilds that put that 5 mil PvP requirement are doing that to avoid new players intentionally. They want ready to go players to start with. There are tons of other new players guild that do not have these requirements. Some options for quickly obtaining kill fame below. Overall though you must be willing to die and play the game in lethal areas otherwise you will never progress much in kill fame. If you enjoy solo fighting/PvP Corrupted dungeons are hands down the way to go. Slayer CDs are th…

  • It was reasonable prior to the multishot Q knockback addition. Now having both of those options is real shit to fight against. Especially as a caster.

  • It is clearly moving to nerf ganking yes. That is probably not a bad thing as more people will hit up the BZ if they know they won't just auto die to 8 kids sitting at all exits. PvP is not being impacted much overall only ganking. Ganking is already the most lazy and cowardly type of PvP so it is what it is. "Good" gankers will still do just fine.

  • Daybreaker buff.

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    I would agree the E needs adjustment. It feels super clunky to use in current form. It should be much more fluid.

  • Kiting is a myth? What the actual fuck? It is brain dead easy to kite in OW and CDs. Are you serious with that comment? Running in circles has literally been meta since CD introduction.

  • The fish helps very little actually if you only have foot mobility available. Multishot and the frost shot fucks your entire boots duration. Then by the time you somewhat reach them Multishot knockback CD is already back. Fish food or not.

  • I don't mind mercenary as much. Jacket has plenty of counters and user is more squishy.

  • Plate whispering bow is also cancer. Knockback shot hits you across the screen and slow from frost shot is nutty.

  • Mobility in this game is way over tuned so all those "high damage" weapons still end up sucking because it is virtually impossible to get off said damage. Why bother using defensives when you can simply safely run away.

  • Is good ole Veetus still around???

  • Albion balancing is just mind numbing. Literally ever axe has been fantastic at some point over the years and then they bring some nerf hammer that obliterates it rending the weapons useless. So with that knowledge they know when it was strong and when it was useless. Perhaps fucking try something in the middle!

  • 5v5 Hellgate Suggestion.

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    They needed to add something to force fighting at some point but yes lava doing damage is poor design. It should just be a wall like you mentioned that closes in that you cannot pass.

  • Bow Multi Shot Q

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    Curse Q is 9 meters and takes multiple stacks to be useful. Fire Q3 is broken and it starting to get addressed (hopefully even more than the current listed change). Multi shot is absolutely broken. Makes no sense how a ranged caster can't attack a bow because they can always just push Q. A knockback should be for people in your range not people already far away to begin with. I don't disagree bows could use more rework than just that with possibly some other buffs but multi shot is busted.

  • I very much agree on your PS comment Hattenhair. The original HG of 2 corridors that met together in the middle was fantastic. I have no idea how/why the Dev team got infatuated with this infinite circle design they now add to all the content. Chasing kids for 20 minutes is not fun. The weird IP issues are a plenty now. In Slayer I am fighting an 8.3 guy one fight and then a 4.2 guy the next. It is nonsensical. They keep adding IP to game but then not adjusting the caps as needed along with that…

  • Well the OP is not wrong. The whole CD design is extremely biased towards reset playstyle and plate trap/mob abusers. The fact a plate mace can literally just stand next to a mob pack or trap and there is literally nothing you can do as an opponent is asinine. They get to completely control all fights situation because of the absurd design of CDs. Invasion should have always been both opponents fall to a pit (no mobs or traps) which the pit allowing room for fight kiting but no loops available f…

  • Depending how long you have been gone they did add Corrupted dungeons a few years back. These are literally 1v1 PvP dungeons. The design is less to be desired to be fair because they are huge and many builds can easily dodge fights or abuse mobs/traps but it is a place for true 1v1 encounters.

  • I know the trinity and mace Es have iframe damage invulnerability during the E animation, but they also appear to just "cleanse" the bomb as well. Many fights I have just casted bomb on a trinity or mace and they immediately leap which then somehow removes my bomb even though it should still have a good 2 seconds before exploding. This cannot be how it should work based on the tool tips. I know the bomb was full casted as well because I see the skull animation on their head as they jump.

  • That would not help either Quagga. If you have a sniff of ability to fight back against mace via dodge roll/blink sandals maces (other plate mobility) they just break shards and not a damn thing you can do about it. The bat system is not working. They either despawn before runner even gets to slow stack level of 8+ or somehow spawn and fuck the chaser instead. Simple fix is probably what OP mentioned you can just use the HG system and apply that to 1v1. Virtually all of these high infamy builds …