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  • Hey there, we are currently still in the planning stages, but you can expect to get a strategic update from us over the coming weeks.

  • Hey there, Steamcharts only shows players who play on the Steam version of the game - and that is just a small share of Albion's player base The drop you see there is largely due to other game releases and the fact that our last major content update was a while ago. The Land's Awakened Update will hopefully see Steam numbers picking up again

  • Crypto Scam Warning

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    Hi all, we have been made aware of various fraud attempts in the crypto currency world related to Albion Online. Somebody claims to be selling / listing Albion Online crypto currency and claims that you can you use in connection with the game. Be advised that this is a scam. Do not invest into this under any circumstances. Also, note that similar scams are being run for other popular games. We strongly advise you that if you read about a game allegedly offering its own crypto currently to check …

  • Hey there, based on the feedback received we did a lot of additional number crunching and decided to soften the HCE balance adjustments to the following: - HCE fame reduction has been reduced to match the silver reduction (from -25% on Level 15+ to -10%), but HCE mob strength has been increased to compensate for the strength gained from Elite levels (+5% damage and hit points) This will be published as part of the revised testserver patch notes.

  • Lands Awakened Arrives November 24

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    Quote from Reiswaffle: “Rest in peace HCE, it was nice knowing you :,( ” Hey there, based on the feedback received we did a lot of additional number crunching and decided to soften the HCE balance adjustments to the following: - HCE fame reduction has been reduced to match the silver reduction (from -25% on Level 15+ to -10%), but HCE mob strength has been increased to compensate for the strength gained from Elite levels (+5% damage and hit points) This will be published as part of the revised t…

  • Quote from GokuBlackBR: “Quote from Guirssane: “Quote from GokuBlackBR: “I bet all those changes are provided by the new family friendly company that bought SBI few time ago. Albion is officially now their new game for little kids as all the other games they do have. ” the company that bought SBI has nothing so say in the development of the game btw. How is a full loot sandbox game for "little kids"? ” That is where you are wrong. ” Game development decisions are 100% made by Albion's dev team, …

  • Elite Levels

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    Quote from Lockemup: “did the idea of reducing the amount of fame needed to level 0-80 spec get scrapped? ” This will be done by buffing achievable PvE fame levels with the next update through overall balancing. Not all of the planned buffs are fully finalized/ in the patch notes yet, will check with the team. The buffs already mentioned are: - General high fame level for new open world content - Bonus fame through might / favor system - Bonus fame from hideouts - Satchel buffs

  • Twitch viewers

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    Quote from Quagga: “Quote from Reef: “Developing biomes is like fckin joke. Who cares about this shit when there is 0 people in pvp zones or you need gank setup to catch someone... ” I care and so do a lot of other people I know. not everyone is a slave to the CD ” The biome changes are just one small part of the next update, additional dev talks will follow soon

  • @Syndic @Sinatra.SUN We hand out bans when we have direct evidence - there is no "auto-banning" for trading silver. Thousands of players each day trade large amounts of silver without any direct items being trades back without issue. Sometimes you see stories posted on Reddit where people say stuff like "A friend of mine quit the game and gave me his 10m silver, and I got banned for that". When we investigate these cases, what actually comes out is that this "friend" was a freshly created RMT ac…

  • Quote from Deathskills: “Quote from GokuBlackBR: “I mean It was really obvius so they should have started working on a different thing for the Roads of Avalon since they started the idea of the HQ.Roads of Avalon is a crazy place and of course this place needs a greater idea for HQ even if i feel like the Hideouts in the roads of avalon dont need to be HQ, if you rent there and ask for naps you can easily maintain a Hideout. And i know there is a lot of Hideouts zones, more than you imagine. And…

  • NDA Locus Nerf

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    Hey there and thanks for your feedback. The NDA locus changes will be reviewed again, expect an update soon.

  • Quote from DaRuhl: “@Korn @Nesnes Hi! Could we please get an answer to the question about whether HQ's are placeable in Roads? I understand that there are likely some things still in flux, but this is a fairly important question, not some tiny detail, and the start of the Energy Surge season is in two days. If you can't answer, could you at least provide a timetable for when you will be able to and/or some of what you are considering? Thanks!! DaRuhl ” Hey there, We want to see how HQs play out …

  • Quote from DaRuhl: “The points requirements for higher tiers changed as well. I think it's super-super-sketchy to just silently update the post and not announce/mention the change anywhere. Finally, the revised post is silent about requirements for Roads. Can any official SBI person comment on this (and the thinking behind the changes generally)? Thanks! DR ” I can comment on this. In the first draft the points requirements, we did not take tier into account. The major problem with this is that …

  • Hey there and thanks for pointing this out. The news page has the correct version, the forum thread was changed accordingly. 20k points give you access to quality level 3 and tier up to 6.

  • Quote from noxmortus: “Bottom line it is a fail on behalf of the new community manager. They deliberately named Blue Army and attributed banning to them. Had SBI followed their policy as they had done over the last 5+ years and not naming individuals/guilds, this entire post saga would never have eventuated. This is a lesson learned for SBI about choosing your community managers. Make sure they adhere to the company policy and do not let (perceived) agendas overrule historic approaches. ” These …

  • Quote from Zumzat: “Quote from Nesnes: “Just to clarify this: the people that were warned and then banned were not the ones RMTíng, they have been banned because they supported the players that were RMTíng. They have been warned not to support and harbor them, and they still did. ” Just to clarify this: using virtual/other machines and vpn/proxy for low fame RMT alts is most likely a common practice among people heavily involved in it. Especially when those alts keep being accepted into the guil…

  • Quote from SamTheRebornGuy: “Quote from Nesnes: “Among these accounts were some very well-known players involved in RMT and people associated with them, including the leaders of the well-known guild Blue Army. These players have been warned on multiple occasions to not cooperate with certain well-known RMTers and have ignored these warnings continuously. ” Isn't it convinient that they were banned only AFTER winning 4 seasons and disbanding? How convenient If only SBI cared about their own game,…

  • A clarification on the warnings, as admittedly, it's very easy to misunderstand: An earlier version of the statement mentioned that guild leadership was "warned" about RMT. This warning was not handed out due to these accounts doing RMT themselves, but because people in their guild were caught doing RMT using guild assets. Guild leadership back then told us that they didn't know about this, so we warned them not to accept the banned RMTers into their guild under alt accounts. Despite this warnin…

  • Prowl Albion on the Mistwolf!

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    Quote from Ashoracky: “Yet another 20$ skin? Thank you but no. ” It's $14.95 on the native client.

  • Energy Surge Season Schedule

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    Quote from BimxBon: “Look excited to everyone. But the most important thing wasn't mentioned... - How many SS point required for the HQ Hideout ? With this dummy season, new guild will able to have HQ hideout or not ? ( i.e they creat a new guild in the middle of SS 14 that don't have rank for dummy ss? ) ” Territory Season Point Values, Boss Multipliers, and Energy/Point Storage