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  • Please add arena-like battlegrounds.

    decand - - Rants


    yellow zone faction warfare could theoretically be this but i think the zones are too far away, and the info on where things are happening aren't clear enough, and open world mechanics for imbalanced fights tend to fizzle out the content. instanced arena zvz every half an hour, the game would eat that shit up.

  • 15% max health true damage when cursed skull was previously very strong in the meta with even lower % health damage. yeah sure why not. who coulda seen it coming

  • People don't brim in 5v5 10v10 or 20v20, but people wildfire in those formats. ZvZ i'm not as well informed but I'm sure the two can coexist. Wildfire can not bomb over walls and that's pretty big for rdps.

  • Nerf Royal Boots you shit game

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    i mean it comes with the penalty of being interruptible on top of purgeable. counterplay does exist.

  • New Weapons

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    Quote from Lockemup: “there are three new weapon lines coming out (one being wargloves), but not clear if all will be released at same time or not ” Only wargloves and the hands rework are being launched next major content patch. They're promising more trees in the future, but not 3 at once.

  • If your ip is 890 it'll be 890. If its 900, 1000, or 1500, it'll be 900. have fun in lvl 1s.

  • Eye of secrets with lym does the trick for me from my experiences. Frees up the headslot for merc, and you only go dry in the longest possible fights since lym scales off max mana and eye gives a bunch of that too.

  • Toss in a DPS meter training dummy and guild islands might actually be an interesting spot to hang around.

  • I use it as my preferred holy staff for 2vX and 3vX since it's uninterruptable and good single target when combined with blessing. Buffs would definitely be appreciated though but I don't think it's weak, just suboptimal if you're healing four or more people.

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “The catch being, this time it's not done in favour of anything besides increasing the cap just for the sake of increasing it. No new opportunities arise, no drastic changes are being made, it's just fucking numbers going up. ” I think old players needing more fame also means old players being more willing to take newer players fame farming, more chances of open world interaction. Also closing the gap between low and high spec is probably good for the game despite the inve…

  • Great nature is the best at being a pocket healer for some sort of 2vX content against new players. Getting a friendly from 5% health up to 100% health in half a second is one of the best feelings you can have in this game as a healer, and the great nature does something interesting the other nature/holy staves don't. It also can be useless garbage if purged or inturrupted so you're either really happy with it or really sad.

  • I think 1h hammer could have it's niche if they reduced it's CD even further in exchange for an even smaller stun area. Trade off mobility and bigger stun aoe for more frequent ones. I think it being 1 handed isn't enough of a benefit for it's lack of reach or mobility.

  • Buff inner focus

    decand - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    it went from a god tier skill to completely unused in a single patch and never looked at again. hopefully they can find some compromise with it but with CD's existing the devs are for the most part playing very careful with tweaking nonconditional mobility skills

  • 1. murder ledger is a solid place to find 1v1 builds, I can't recall what the 2v2 website was (if it's out there, I thought there was one), but if you go look at the kills and deaths of the highest 2v2 infamy players sometimes you can usually get a feel for what high end 2s players wear. (same goes for 5v5 and 10v10) 2. either two bruisers on undead cape soldier boots, or a CC and damage dealer like grailseeker+1hdagger, tombhammer+blazing, or even occult+crossbow 3. my main experience in the ga…

  • Some people like grinding for the sake of it / the process of it to be fair. Like I bet there'd be older players that wouldn't mind just chatting while doing a fame farm (what hellgates feel like sometimes), and the bump to 120 gives some of that back. It seems like another balancing mechanic to make it easier for new players to catch up, and since this is a game that relies on players to be content for each other, reducing part of the catch-up grind might be good for the game if it means more p…

  • Nothing in this game is crazily mechanically challenging, but I do think healers have one of the harder roles to play. For easy melee weapons to put friends on that are also viable, I'd suggest greataxe and pike. The best healing stick for super small scale is usually a holy staff, 1h holy - great holy - hallowfall come to mind. Great nature or druidic would be the nature equivalents, also playable but you'd have to work around them.

  • For duo pvp if you're looking to beat any group with size over 3 with a healer in relatively equal or lower IP than the opponent, I think healer is mandatory. For competitive 2v2's you can get by in double dps, and honestly open world too if you hard commit to having strong escape at the expense of other things. Healer is rewarding and fun and if you don't play with enough other healers you can get stuck in the role since it's pretty much needed in any larger group.

  • The Mistbison is Here!

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    Quote from cuppett5: “$15 for another skin. Albion has got to be the most greediest game with microtransactions I've ever seen. Give us a chance to get these skins in game or at least for premium players. Shake my head. ” it's optional vanity bud, also a lot of other ox skins you can buy for silver. have you ever seen an mmo with actual microtransaction hell? this ain't it.

  • Quote from hopchis: “Do you have a compelling reason to not want to be locked out of blue or yellow zones? If so, what is it? ” Being locked out of redzones removes all of the convenient access to hellgate content, (if there's people running gates outside of caerleon they are in a vast minority). Access to yellows / blues are very convenient for using roads portals for transportation and roads content. Zone locking is actually an inconvinience. Albion has a valid reason to want to discourage opt…

  • Axes can have some power moved back to Q with greataxe E nerfed slightly. Right now it seems to be the only thing keeping the axe tree viable and I think that's a shame.