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  • move the lifesteal from 1h dagger over to the demonfang, ~30% would outheal the self damage against one target could make the lifesteal % depend on stacks (0% | 15% | 30% | 45%), like battleaxe E or make it consume a stack to recast the ability (ton of skill expression, this is my favorite option) btw both of your suggestions were pervious iterations of the demonfang's E, their reasoning for changing it was that there was no reason to not just use all 3 recasts at once, where as the live version…

  • it rounds the number.

  • Cripple - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from DirtySentinel: “It has literally one use in the entire game, and it is as a counter to swords in corrupted. ” It has various uses in 1 v 1, and it also destroys axes. Not like anyone plays axes in corrupted, that´s why you didn´t mention it Either way, cripple shouldnt have 25% damage buff. This was most likely an error. Because there was Never once a mention that cripple received 25% damage buff. Before, it just purged, slow, and gave you movement speed. But aft…

  • 1. likely because badon E only deals DoT damage, and counter only procs on 'direct damage' 2. only the 'charge up' time of falcon dive is CC immune, the actual dive is not, the dash rubberband bug is a whole problem in itself

  • Great Axe change it into an aura spell, keep the speed buff this would make it so you could knockback & cc a greataxe, while still keeping the "unstoppable" damage theme (AoE would still be active while cc'd) 1h Nature should give some bonus effect on three stacks, like a short resistance increase. small buff Clarent Blade saw this suggestion somewhere, but you could make each stack level include the pervious effects as well (eg. 3 stack would slow, silence, and bonus damage)

  • Stuck behind tree - - Bugs


    you can use the /stuck command to teleport to one of the zone's exits after a channel

  • remove the execute and focus on the cooldown reset onhit or a recastable dash (its the mobility focused dagger) infernal scythe is way a way better execute from a game design standpoint (charge up time, mid range AoE) also yeah nerf Q2 & make dash playable again - an old dagger main

  • NDA Great Axe - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Borbarad: “well, one more, third suggestion - not too much of a fan of it, but it could work. 20% speed, uninterruptible, but - you still get stunned and cced, so you wont go through windwalls, stun will stun you etc - you will just keep spinning ” You could achieve this by making it an aura spell, then the spin damage AoE would still go off regardless of what was happening to the player (stuns, knockbacks, etc) tbh this could be a good solution, as my main problem with the gaxe is it…

  • quaterstaff w bug? - - Bugs


    shields as in damage shields only eg. guardian helmet, arcane protection, divine protection, etc.

  • Q3 is barely losing output, you just run scholar cowl now consider increasing cast time? its much harder to interrupt in just 0.4s compared to generous heal's 0.7s could also then remove / reduce the hitdelay, it feels pretty weird to use

  • Cleric Robe - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    Quote from Grunzjunge: “Bro you live in another world, Top 100 Slayer is playing Merc Jackets and Armor of Valor, in 2v2 nobody plays Cleric, in 5s its used by RDPS and Healer to some xtent. I think Cloth Armors is one of the rare trees thats just in a right spot. This is really the first time i hear someone really complain about Cleric Robe needing a nerf. ” ever played non-instanced PvP? virtually every RDPS (besides chest reliant weapons like frosts) or healers run cleric robe its not like it…

  • second q of glove no cds - - Bugs


    he means dragon leap (Q2) and this is intended

  • Shockwave - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    mainly useful for larger scale combat, but its nice if you have a knockback in your kit so you can Q > knockback > Q and follow up. Its dps is pretty good tbh, and you can get AoE escalation on it.

  • dont worry they're good now

  • sounds like a cool faction event, I think they could definitely have more open world boss encounters similar to these.

  • Remove the stun, I like either the slow compensation or pierce on it. Then it would actually be "the damage-oriented bruiser" of the mace line, and not cc chain me for 8s through 80% of defensives.

  • removing boot purge definitively kills any chance at solo / duo ganking The mount buffs were already hard enough on solo ganking

  • Create Opening (Wargloves) - - Bugs


    @Amoebius76 ^

  • GIVE ME A FISHING ASPECT (& worldboss) Thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from “Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from “15% current HP true damage Antitank, clump softener Essentially inverse of bloodletter ” 15? Its 4% ” I mean make it 15% current hp truedamage ” wildfire became broken with 15%, dont do that same mistake again ” CURRENT HP is different from max HP effective 15% max hp true damage against an undamaged player 7.5% max hp truedamage against a 50% hp player