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  • Missing item frame

    kmellia - - Bugs


    It is a very old bug that appeared when they added the fishing option. Never been fixed. But at least you know that when you fished something without an image it is not a fish and so you have the surprise until you open your inventory. I like this little thrill every time I get the imageless notification and wonder what I have been fishing !

  • i'm a safe zone player. I like to farm and craft and on evenings with a few other members from my guild we like to do group dungeons on blue/yellow zones. So please keep in mind that I DON'T like to play in lethal zones and don't suggest me to go to bz where there are less players or to change for another game because albion is a pvp game. This being said, last evening, like usual we did 2 dungeons bought on the market, a 4.3 and a 5.1. No problem for the 4.3 We did the 5.1 with no problem eithe…

  • It is with the character kmellia. Yes I study a lot of T4 stuff to upgrade my craft but I never use focalisation for that because I save it for the farm. I don't think I used focalisation because you have to click on the ckeckbox on the craft/study station to use it and I didn't do that. EDIT: Ok, I figured it out. I was indeed studying under focalisation but I don't know why. I never enabled focalisation for studying.

  • It happened again. I just connected to the game,didn't play for 24h and didn't use my focalisation for a few days. I went to do my crops and I see that my focalisation is down to 45. I still have premium. It's starting to upset me very badly !!! Is there a problem with the focalisation regenerating ????? Is see it going up now. Is there a bug where it regenerate only when I'm online ?

  • Need help some please

    kmellia - - Bugs


    If this player has access to your island it is because you gave him the permissions. Simply remove them from the board at the enter of your island and then claim the farms as your own and voila ! The owner of the island is the only one to have full control of the island. Even if you gave him co owners rights, he can not overstep your settings.

  • I haven't been using my focalisation for 2 days this week (wanted to get back to 30k for crafting) and to my surprise when I logged on the game and checked it, I only have 6k left. Knowing it regenerate up to 10k a day I should have had around 20k. I m still on Premium. I already had this issue a few months ago but I wasn't certain because I didn't really check my focalisation but this time I'm sure because I wanted to use it for craft so I saved it. Anyone else had this problem ?

  • Thanks guys. I'm relieved it's not bugged. I guess i'm just being unlucky. It's the first time i"m not getting puppies after raising so many swiftclaws. I've got one last to pick up this evening, hoping i'll finaly get a puppy. Fingers crossed !

  • Quote from OsKiDo: “@kmellia H0stiles did it as an example ? ” Maybe ! :-p

  • I 'm used to raised swiftclaws, wolfes etc. But I noticed that the last 12 swiftclaws I raised didn't give me a single puppy. So is it just bad luck or is there a bug with the kennel ? I know it is approximatly one puppy for four swiftclaws raised but the last 12 swiftclaws didn"t give me any puppies. 12 in a row. It seems odd. Does anyone have the same issue ?

  • Quote from Geofors: “Quote from Hikari_Morishima: “Hi, Thank you for clicking in! I’m new to Albion, I want to ask if I can be a farmer or weapon producer or any job that doesn’t require doing dungeons or fights, and still enjoy the game? ” Definitely can be enjoyable. Only problem is that farming is on a 22hr cycle so you need only about 15 minutes a day to do about all you can on a farm. That means gather and/or craft for most of your online time. I generally spend about 3-4 hr daily about hal…

  • I really like the farm aspect of the game but little is done for us, farmers. We can not spend learning points to level up or use tomes of insight so it takes a very long time to master some branches. To add more fun and give some prestige to this specialty, you could add some ressources on the open world that only a farmer with a certain level could gather and it would be a seed he could then plant on a crop or garden on his personal island ( like it is already the case with animals like wolves…

  • Even if there are biomes you could add seasons. Not big changes but some details that could affect the game. For example, on winter, there would bee bare trees (for the aspect instead of the normal leafy trees) and maybe wood, leather, fiber ressources would be a little more difficult to find wich could impact their price on the market. On spring there would be a a lot of flowers (only for the decoration) and there would be more ressources to gather. And so on. This could work for lymhurst and m…

  • I'm the kind of player who reaaaaally likes to decorate my island. Now it is decorated for Halloween and next week I'll change for xmas decoration. It changes with the seasons and the festivities. Since the beginning of the game a lot more decorations have been added (like halloween and xmas decorations) but the "fixed" decorations that can be bought on the NPC on our personal island are still the same. Here are some ideas for more decorations to be added: Winter decorations : Bare trees, bare t…

  • Some people only use their personal island to farm and others to build houses for laborers so there are a lot of plots that are never used. You could put an option when we first create our island where we choose a mode. Farmer mode : Only one slot for a building (so they can build a house and put chests for their farm's ressources) and ALL the others slots are for crops, herbs or kernels. Builder mode : All slots are for buildings. Mixed mode : It would be what we have now, some slots for farmin…

  • All is in the title. Last year you took some adjustments to reverse the increase of the price of gold but now it is increasing again and pretty quickly. Are you going to take other measures to limit its increase ?

  • I juste saw in my chest that all my xmas decorations lost their durability to drop at 25%. Why the hell did that happened ??? Did the dev intend to do that ? And if so, why ? Or is it a bug ?

  • The underway seems to have been nerfed. Don't know if it was meant to. It is very hard to catch fishes now. We mostly catch, logs, rocks and seaweed, when we catch something.And we now have to wait a long time before catching something. And the fishing spot (also in Carleon) have been reduced. If you put the cursor on the water, there is no hook showing, and so, we're unable to fish.

  • Same here. Please help us !!!

  • Same as Wrecked. When I log in the game, a few minutes after, my whole computer freezes. Sometimes I have to wait and the problem resolves by it self and the other times I have to restart the computer. It ONLY happens with albion. Very annoying because like Wrecked said, if I'm doing pvp or donjon I got killed during the freeze and there's nothing I can do about it...

  • With the royal continent being expand, will the gathering donjons still be on the table ? Also, are we going to have a royal contient like in beta ? We had a loooot of maps !!