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What the fucking hell is that I am casually gathering in a zone and the game randomly offers me to choose a zone where I wanna go because the zone is full and I get kicked?

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Re:Controversial Topic - Default Avatar Representation

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Fix the thing when the player is gathering and when it tries to get on mount the character gets stuck and can't get on mount for seconds or tell us how to prevent it...

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Let us steal from guilds...

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Give a range indicator for the Ambush ability (Assassin Jacket & gathering jackets) / Specter Jacket burning ability

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Sometimes enchanted resource mobs are not glowing, only after they are farmed

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In Roads of Avalon the Ancient Mistcougar (T8) spawns with a maximum of 3 ticks

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"Hide Animal Poison" buff disappears if I jump on my mount too fast

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Spectral Direboar's HP is not increased.

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Anyone has informations about the mounts healthpoints before the update?

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Make it possible to close the "This container cannot hold this many items." message using ESC without closing the container

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How much a top crafter / ganker makes under 100 hours of gameplay?

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Rework gathering sets, chest pieces?

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Chest or Demon loot surely have to go if you change CD like this

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Give bigger ears to mammoths?

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Re: When is it profitable to drop food into buildings? "Reward per 1000 Nutrition" explained.

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HCE / PvP Stonk the prices of HCE items!

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Make items unusable after leaving HCE, but give a special tag at the end of their name

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You realize that it's impossible to finish a HCE run in 10 minutes?

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Keep HP regen in combat?

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