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  • Hey guys, my in game name will be the same as my forum name, InventAnimate, and I'm looking into getting into a hardcore PvE/PvP guild that will be actively and within the top guilds leading the game. I will have time to be very active and have been studying a lot on the changes of the game throughout the betas, and also will be purchasing legendary founder tonight. I have seen guild names such as Unsullied, The Gentlemen, and a few others I am interested in due to their stature. If anyone has a…

  • I am interested in joining Unsullied. I've been watching for the release of this game and decided I want to become a legendary founder but first I want to find a good guild to contribute time and effort too. After some digging I found unsullied and want to join. I will purchase my legendary founder pack after hearing back from someone on this possibility. I also am discord/vent/skype/etc friendly and love to talk and strategize.