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  • AoE's

    Shalako - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Put a fine blue or red circle around aoe's so we know if it's enemy or friendly. Edit- move this to suggestions please

  • I never thought of it before this thread but you're actually on to something there op, accidentally of course you don't have good ideas of your own, but yes this could be a really good way to harvest feels from shtbirds

  • But.. you HCE all the time.. its like telling me I could make more money unclogging septic tanks.

  • OP just do the yz faction stuff- no gear loss, just repair. You get to be in some big fights, no party needed just follow blob. Trade in your points for iron chests, you get some good loot/books and ingredients to go past T5. This will probably be the best highest iq advice you get so you should pay attention.

  • I always just assumed those massively overpriced items were for rmt or for moving money between alts or something like that

  • Evensong

    Shalako - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    One can make a very good argument for Evensong being the least useful arcane staff. This seems off, as an avalonian weapon it should be better. Right now up to 3 people can be affected by the E. Suggest changing the E to uninterruptable turret mode channel where 3 separate individually aimed shots can be fired. Alternatively, the 3 shots shoot out like Throwing Blades. The spread is a buff since more enemies would tend to be affected in large scale situations. Then Evensong at least could be con…

  • Quote from Hoe4Everyone: “There is a cool phenomenon in Albion that is exactly the same with real life. Rich ppl will always rich, poor ppl will always poor, even they both have the same game progress. ” Because people who get money in rl tend to understand things like saving, planning, the link between profit and risk, etc. The same things that get most ppl rich in Albion.

  • I know someone whose 15 y.o. kid was in B.A., they do and say some very sick things on their disc., things I can't even say in this forum or else I will probly get banned. Things that are probably illegal and all while knowing this kid was well under 18. Disgusting people

  • Instead of the beige dots on the map for the party right now, they should be color coded by party role.

  • ^ To improve performance in larger pvp fights. 10 is an arbitrary number, many abilities go up to 10 targets. It could be a different number. The point is the number should not be unlimited. It causes too much lag since the mobile players came on. Nobody would choose lag instead of imposing some limit. If you agree then it's clear some limit should be imposed. Maybe they would have to buff a couple numbers here and there to compensate, all good just fight the lag. By the way this suggestion is f…

  • I agree this scoring mechanic is dumb, but disagree with changing it mid season. Maybe they're planning to change it next season that's why BA supposedly leaving lol.

  • Greataxe E lag spikes in ZvZ

    Shalako - - Bugs


    Have noticed lag spikes several times specifically when an enemy uses greataxe E during zvz, not sure why it should be acting differently than other AoE in this way but it's too much to be coincidence.

  • Nice IP distribution. Team #1 highest IP lower than team #2 lowest IP. Anyways SBI doesn't give a fuck about arena and never really has, it's not the kind of game they wanted to build. I think the only reason they have arena at all is some default MMO expectation that you ought to be able to queue for a mini game whenever you want. I used to do arena just to get tomes but I find faction is more efficient for it now.

  • Devs is this working as intended?

  • Quote from Bogul: “Quote from Illidan: “There is a ripple with onboarding new players to the player base, you will see a influx in prices and drop in availability as such seen below: Week One T2/T3 materials Week Two T4 Gear Sets Week Three T4/T5 Gear sets Week Four T4/T5/T6 Week Five T6/T7 Week Six T6/T7 Week Seven T6/T7/T8 Week Eight T7/T8 Week Nine - This is the week fall off happens and about 20% of the new players drop off and markets stabilize. ” did you make this up? ” it's a bit before h…

  • RP walk

    Shalako - - General Questions & Discussions


    just have some items in your inventory, enough to be lowkey overweight when you don't have your bag on or your boots passive. Then your toggle button for walk becomes taking your bag off or changing boot passive.

  • He didn't even mention the changes to exit bubble. I think surely when arch realizes this at least 50,000 will unsub and sbi will go bankrupt and probably have ripple effects on entire world economy wiping out old peoples pensions and whatnot

  • What an obvious attempt at concern trolling for views

  • Force Field

    Shalako - - General Questions & Discussions


    Quote from iMoot: “Quote from Shalako: “Rework corrupteds instead of reworking every item in the game around corrupteds ” Tell me any other use for ” it's a knock back it is used just like any other knockback, for low level solo pve, for gank escape, for arena points, faction fuckery etc

  • Force Field

    Shalako - - General Questions & Discussions


    Rework corrupteds instead of reworking every item in the game around corrupteds