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  • Honorable LewPac

    lheart - - Forum Banter


    MIDGARD. my name is LHeart. Please, I've been looking for you. If you are able to make a Legendary Explorers Shelter, Please mail me in Albion. I've attempted to add you. If there is anything I can do, to have you make one, then I would be enternally greatful! Quote from Midgard: “Happy to upgrade it for you if needed .... just add me in game. ” May I add you in the game?

  • The Guardsmen!

    lheart - - Guild Recruitment


    The Guardsmen are recruiting! We're a roleplaying guild which focuses on creating missions/quests and storylines! The Guardsmen is a military Roleplaying guild that is deteremined to fight against evil in the world of Albion. We fight against bandits(hostile players) and monsters(NPC monsters) through out Albion. We are based in Fort Sterling but we have another guild island set up in Cearleon for black/red zone quests/missions. If you are interested in Joining the guild please PM LHeart in Albi…