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  • Пиши в поддержку на англ. Их недавно добавили, может баг. У меня такого не было. Посмотри галочку на свободный опыт, он мог съесть, если стак книжек заюзал.

  • Quote from Zoream: “Yeah, I'm smirking at this. It's a massively abused system which damages the game, costs them money and alienates the player base. ” How? The game is more damaged by rmt and the economy of large guilds/alliances 500 gold is nothing. And there are skins in every game.

  • There are too many players for someone to meet a specific player in hg 2x2/5x5/10x10 or cd. And why is it needed? Like you bet 1 million silver, what will kill your mark and what? Better to do service between cities. Players deposit an NPC deposit for transportation in the amount of the goods transported from the royal lands, and those who need to transfer bring their goods for transportation. If transported successfully, the carrier receives a percentage or fee. And if it does not successfully …

  • Understood thanks. I will create my own empire to grow plants and animals.

  • Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “3 characters per account. ” Can I register more than one account and three characters on each? I'm sure they do this because the market is flooded with plants.

  • New questions have appeared. How many characters can I create on one account? If less than three, then can I create multiple accounts and characters there? If I bought an island on a character and the premium has ended there, can I use it from my main character? Or is the premium issued to the account, not the character? The rules say "there should be a premium", but if it is over, what will happen? Buy it for a year?)

  • Yes, I played on the test server. My 8.3 build brings 30-40 thousand points, this is 13 hearts of the city, this is 900 thousand silver without risk. Farm 5.0-5.2 group cards in yellow.

  • Quote from Midgard: “In beta and on launch gold could indeed be stored in a guild account. This was disabled shortly after launch to combat RM Trading. ” There is a tab about gold in the statistics of the guild, but you cannot add gold itself) Quote from Midgard: “You can however store silver in a guild account. And then withdrawn and converted to gold by anyone in the guild with the correct access level. ” Yes, that's what I do. Now I have silver in my wallets for one set and I don't have to wo…

  • In new fraction chests +-100к silver, but on test server. If every month the reward is like with mounts for playing with premium (or maybe an avatar too?), then that's not bad. But if the chests in the week are also +-100к, it's not worth it. Better to go to the zvz in the guild.

  • Quote from xcruciful: “Можете переформулировать первый вопрос? ” I want to create my own guild, call a few acquaintances to play together. I also think about creating accounts and islands in each city to grow there and immediately sell on the market without transportation. So, the guild will have my accounts and my friends. Can I convert silver to gold from all accounts and store in the guild? Sometimes I spend too much silver and to prevent this from happening I convert everything into gold. Le…

  • Fully upgraded island

    m3tah3r0 - - Beginner's Questions


    Quote from RKOverdrive: “Depends on what you mean exactly. Are you referring to the farm plots for an island? As far as growing plants or raising animals? ” Can you write about two ways? I am currently pumping animal (buIIs) husbandry and want to pump cultivation on the second island. Animals bring a lot. But food is important. From one t6 island +- 500 carrots.

  • The support team is not responding, so I'll ask in the forum. If I store silver in gold, so as not to make unnecessary spending, can I create my own guild and new accounts with islands? Which rules? The 500 gold per day limit is nonsense. Why not write about this when exchanging silver for gold?

  • up For a week, my account did not appear on the test server. And I cannot verify this.How much do we get from T7 group and solo dungeons? How much do we get from T5 group dungeons? I've seen people have +-300 something for capturing a fort and +- 10 for killing a player. And you don't have to be in a group. And I saw that with t7 solo dungeon +-25 something. So how much profit can I get as a solo player? Or do I need to gather in a group of 50 people at 8.3 and capture forts, simultaneously kill…

  • Now you can farm a faction only for fortposts and pve. Will the new pve update be the same or worsened? Do I need to get together in a group or is it better to take 8.3 and go clean the dungeons.

  • Test server does not work

    m3tah3r0 - - Bugs Testserver


    I registered in the game an hour ago and can't get to the test server. How long does it take to update the data?