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  • Go play a single player game if you want to do solo stuff in a MMO! 2v2 should be the smallest!

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  • Quote from Dagother: “Be careful what you wish for. ” Love the answer!!! Everyone saying they were easy and gave to much fame..... bamm!! In your face! Now its slightly harder bit still I think they can still be done duo, if your idea is to make them 5 man, might need a further buff in HP, the fame is good, should be slightly higher than dungeon as its a temporary mob as I guess, Queen update we beat the Avaloneans and we discover Avalon....

  • Rhino skill bug

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    Reinstall the game, seems only happens to a handful, playing with 200 fps too and not a problem, locked it to 60 No problem either, so my only guess is your ping , not what the game shows as that is not real ping, maybe your packet loss is slow to the server, so it still thinks you are a few tiles back and keeps hitting you.

  • Where you playing from? Somehow I got the feeling you somewhere near AUS/NZ?

  • Quote from FiveOneFour: “Yes, The reason people do this is to make money and lose fame in the process and nope there isn't anyway to tell if a dungeon has a legendary chest, Untill you see a randomly generated legendary tile. ” You can tell which chest will appear, the entrance to boss room is different from all 3 levels of the chest Different mobs and different deco will be on the walls. Also if you have done enough, there is a pattern they all follow and easy to tell.

  • Dont do it, it will get you banned, its 3rd party programme not part of the AO client, therefore considered cheating!

  • Another great video by @Captainrussia

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Quote from Tabor: “No content in the game needs more than 20 players. The servers struggle with massive battles. It never has made any sense to allow mechanics in game to create massive alliances because they are non sensical to Albions content and structure. This game should be and always have been purely guild based with no alliances. ” Guild member size is up to 300, do you REALLY believe that, if there were no alliances, players wouldn't create mega guilds? 200+ players …

  • Quote from Equart: “Quote from Sas3bg: “This is not solo game stop asking to make it solo. I was without guild like 6 months and guess what i still enjoy black zones. Now i have medium size guild and we run only black zones. With small scale pvp / zvz. The game it is good like it is right now. Just dont ruin it. Better invest in servers instead id stupid ideas like removing ally or cap guilda to 50. Also most of the players that want this are solo players with 5 kills. You guys cannot decide the…

  • Remove the alliances and see the game get life again, with the current system, the game feels stagnant, its all about who can bring more and then end of content. This with time will push people away from the game, as no point doing large scale ZvZs, you are heavily outnumbered due to bad planning from the creators. Maybe if you dont want to remove it entirely, cap it a 3 guilds per alliance or 1200 players (4 full guilds)

  • Quote from Talion: “…-32-bit-Windows-Versions/ -Talion ” Thank you very much for the reply and your time

  • You are not ''wasting'' time going from city to city to check prices, you are ''investing'' your time in finding a good deal and being smart. Having a tab show all prices in cities just makes it to easy to trade, you have to put in some of your time to make the money

  • Quote from gmatagmis: “14th November 2019... ” I know I know, my work computers are really old and probably would need an upgrade some of them, but would like to know if game can be installed in a crappier computer so I can at least do farms or gather while in the office

  • Combat kneel

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    Quote from KroDuK: “Let's get real Sharky.. there is no PK in the open world that wont be able to point n click ur knockdown body they got 20 seconds.. this trick is pretty good when ur not a gatherer u were fighting but losing from a few hits.. u red lined ennemy will have 20 sec to heal enough to be able to reach u, to finish you.. but a bunny cannot fight ” You definitely have not been in BB elites, try to click a downed person you wont, unless using multiple invisbilities and still its very …

  • Any possibility to remove the 64bit requirement for the operating system or does Easy Anticheat only work on 64bit systems? @Retroman sorry if you are not the person to ping about this, but maybe you can share some light

  • I would start at 25% and go all the way to 50% After 180 players, the buff gets to 100%! Back to real specs damage...

  • There is plenty to do, get all weps to T8, all specs on all weps, all the crafting to 100 and the specs, I doubt anyone has fully finished this game...

  • AUS/NZ players will always suffer in this game, you are soo fricking far from anyone...... There is not much SBI can do than tell you to move to another part of the world and I am not trying to be funny or anything but this is due to your ISP, not SBI, the distance is so far that packets are probably getting lost in the way to the server and creating lags ingame