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  • Quote from NiteBreeze: “Please, make healers not absolutely helpless. Look at World of Warcraft, and in some way FFXIV - druid healing specialization in WoW can do at least some damage. Hell, in WoW, discipline spec for priest heals by doing damage - stack charges on your allies, damage the bad guys, and your allies get heals, weaker than direct healing but it's enough to mitigate damage. Because that's what a great healer is supposed to do - good healers heal, great healers do damage and heal. …

  • you have to travel through the black zone to that portal Another better option is play luck with ava roads, it worked for me

  • Quote from Zerobreaker: “pvp is what creates warmongers and terrorists. but many people are too blind to see that. is you where the victim then you would understand and this fact applies not only to games but real life ” ok boomer If you really believe that games causes irl shootings then idk what to say to you

  • Quote from JeffusMaximus: “Passes trough does not mean much a broadsword is still stuck behind it, a claymore has to keep it's E for the firewall (which to be honest is not really practical) and then 8 sec later you'll have another one, please tell me how is this balanced. ” you also have splitting slash, the speed boost from charges and iron will and boots, also if it concerns you soooo much then just use cleric cowl/soldier helmet/knight helmet Not to mention broadsword can also use omelent an…

  • the weapon is not bad, is just outshited (same problem has almost the entire fire tree)

  • Quote from JeffusMaximus: “Firewall could use a little nerf tho, with an omelette the cd is reduced to 12 sec and the wall lasts 4 sec, that is 8 sec downtime during which a melee can hopefully try to catchup to a fire to hit him. As a sword user in cd, fires are my litteral counters whilst I don't see any problem with that, firewall do seems a bit too strong. That with the combination of that obnoxious Q3 and you abtain the bane of melees (even for claymore). ” or not because almost every melee…

  • i agree that they were rude But anyway, their point is that the thing has 1 minute cooldown, so it can only be used once per fight

  • Quote from Zerobreaker: “i started playing because i saw something saying it had great PvE but from what i see it doesnt, for those who lothe PvP like me this is another no go game unless they fix the issues where you can still get attacked even in blue zones but then you are limited in the game progress because of the stupid PvP and even a new player CAN be attacked by someone with millions even billions of battle power thats just a bad setup. if pvp is off then it s off always until YOU change…

  • Quote from Zerobreaker: “non PvP and Non PK zones upto T8 better balancing for those that dont want to go down the combat path PvE zone Upto T8 where you cannot be attacked by players at all after playing for a little while me , my housemate and a few others that i have spoken with agree that the game is unfair to Non Combatants this includes people who are gatherers and crafters something needs to be done to make the game more fair for them. I am not into war or warmongering and the game has th…

  • Quote from Graves: “Quote from Sethis: “It looks ridiculous when someone complains that he cannot pass through a firewall on a class with two W abilities that can penetrate it. ” Anyone who defends the fire staff I know is a meta abuser, the corrupted is infested with them. Spamming your rat Q missing 90% of your skills but winning the fights ” funny cause I dont play wildfire, I dont even play CDs The problem isnt firewall, it is magma sphere, so maybe git gud? Cause you dont seem to have a pro…

  • the only way RMT is good for the company is if they get like roblox corporation and take 75.5% of the money (yes thats what roblox does)

  • imagine complaining about a W that stops like 1/6 of all melee weapons in the game

  • cleric cowl isnt overpowered, it lasts 4.5 seconds which isnt almost 6 seconds, silencing the user means its a negative use item The downside is that you can do nothing, so its 4.5 seconds of 1 less player in the fight, and also it is the only option against braindead cc spam builds (*cough* mace *cough*)

  • In PvP you will probably struggle with many builds Or if the enemy has the same ping then you will be ok So you can, but not nearly as much as with good ping

  • idk why it is a mechanic, everyone should do the channel regardlesd of everyone else

  • I wouldnt consider claws as gloves

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from ViniciusSanctus: “Btw, aren't u that guy with great balance ideas? Have they hired you yet or what? They NEED your guidance! ” Yeah, I'm the guy from that thread.And no, not yet? ” tbh in the last time most of the things you suggested/predicted have been added, altho some of them with some changes

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Stalker hood VS Royal hood: - Preparation time: ~0.3s (Standtime) VS 6s - Duration: 4s VS 5s - Damage bonus: 20% VS 24% TBH, stalker hood will probably just be nerfed down to 15%, to tie it down with royal sandals, as it's the easiest solution. ” how does it feel to be right...again

  • Quote from Hattenhair: “Quote from Asheraxia: “I tend to side with the belief that a 1 second- 50% slow will allow fire to get those 'E's' into action. ” Important question, do you side with a singular slow applied together with the burning fields' impact damage on landing or are we talking about a one-time-per-person slow applied when you enter the AoE for the first time? I would totally be ok with the slow on landing, but not on entering the AoE. But to be honest it should be a lower % nonethe…

  • fix bloodletter

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    I still think its better to add true damage based on the target's hp left (without being too much ofc so you dont insta kill ppl on 40%)