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  • Hi I absolutely adore these costume bundles that you are releasing! It's almost good enough for me to buy however there are a couple of things stopping me. 1) No proper video preview. There are no official video links showing the model from multiple angles. A great example to follow would be League of Legends skin preview, here: 2) The emotes look great but not what I want. I want custom animations for basic attacks, "A" out for dungeons, and custom effects for sp…

  • Dev Talk: Development Update

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    I love the changes made to the disarray, however I'm concerned that now nuke squads won't consist of Brimstone players, but rather a Halberd playing with T8.3 gear running inside an enemy zerg and wrecking havoc. (Similar to how players with Hellion Jacket are abusing the system now) Since you are making this change, can we finally remove AoE escalation? This has been destroying zvz fights for a long time now.

  • Tooltip Improvements

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    Regarding tool-tips, can we for the love of god be able to see Guild Tags without Name Tags? Who was stupid enough to put this soft-lock into the system? yyksSv6vreAAAAAASUVORK5CYII=

  • HO's were intended as a home-base for guilds. Instead they are used as disposable bus-shelters serving as check-point locations for safe travelling in the BZ and as a respawn location for zvz fights. It needs to stop. Hideout access needs to be hard locked to alliance only Hideout food cost needs to increase exponentially for each HO that exists within the alliance. Preferably something along the lines of Food Cost = (Current Food Cost) x (# of Hideouts in Alliance) Want 10 hideouts? Enjoy payin…

  • One thing I noticed "Avalonian Wizard spell updates: - Avalonian Wizard's bomb now gives more warning time to leave its damage area - Bomb damage reduced by 20% - Pause after casting a bomb increased from 5 to 7 seconds" Can we take this moment to also nerf the damage of the Archmage Boss? This is by far the toughest boss in Avalonian Dungeons and a single laser can kill players.

  • Great to see the changes and more love for corrupted dungeons! (I personally don't use them, but I'm sure lots of solo players are happy to have them) I would love to to see some buffs for specific weapons which are underutilized by pushing their strengths. Specifically: Heavy Crossbow - Change the interruption into a non-cleansable silence Spears - Give an AoE Q spell (maybe something similiar to Avalonian Spearman Heroic Might?) Great Arcane - Change Player Invulnerability to % Damage Reductio…

  • Similar to "Quick Equip", give us an option to take all items from our inventory and dump them into a chest. This would be very helpful for players that are doing dungeons, Hellgates, corrupted dungeons, etc.…509cb4c84479329cbd1f1f397

  • They are big, beautiful, and give large parties an amazing social environment to fame farm together. Will there be plans to create more dungeons with different themes?

  • Does anyone else have a Husky Sled they are selling? @Bogul

  • bump. I'm referring specifically to PVE dps, and not PVP. This does not even mention 1) Cast Speed SIGNIFICANTLY increases dps on Frost 2) The AoE on Frost is bigger 3) The instant damage means it's more effective against moving mobs.…509cb4c84479329cbd1f1f397

  • Could we consider buffing the Q AoE ability of FireStaff so its at least on par with Frost Staff?

  • I agree it's strong, however I think the issue might be it's difficult to dodge. If the cast time was 1 seconds instead of 0.7 seconds, I think it would be more fair.

  • Since it's release it has seen hardly any visibility in 5v5 or zvz. While the debuff is powerful, it has 1 glaring issue. It is cleansable. If Evensong could -Not be Cleansable OR -Stay on the ground (similar to Hood of Tenacity) It would significantly help this weapons viability. Please consider this change

  • I don't do much Corrupted Dungeons, but what if there was a mechanic that tracked how often you fought players vs. how often you "dodged" player fights. The more the player "dodges" the fights, the more health and more spread out the demon crystals are. This means that a player that tries to avoid every fight will have a significantly harder time trying to rat dungeons while players who dodge once in a while from bad match-ups will be minutely affected.

  • Here's a guide without having to ask for PM's lol…tq_0VQvw/edit?usp=sharing

  • The skill doesn't show how big the AoE is, or even how far the player moves back. Please change it.…509cb4c84479329cbd1f1f397

  • Hi Has anyone had a chance to test out Bridled Fury (Ava Daggers) in ZvZ and had satisfying results? I'd like to know what your build was and how are the results.

  • Imo wrong The Ava weapons are made for ZVZ. Daggers are nuke. The entire point of the jump back is so that they can use Shadow edge OR Dash to get close to clumps and then use "E" to not only Nuke, but to jump away safely and not die.

  • @teopower89 So, the main issue with Cleric is that is doesn't give you invulnerability which can be a pretty big deal. For example, "Sight" skill on Captain Knight Boss, Divine Pulse on Basilisk, dodging Archer Silence, and etc. The 2 second invulnerability is really useful, especially if you grab aggro.