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  • Lore Section revealed

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    Quote from postlarval: “Will there be a Kindle version or at the very least, a PDF I can upload to my Amazon account and view on my Kindle? ” Yes, from next week you'll be able to get the book on your Kindle Best regards, Christian

  • Terms and services typo

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    Hi Brovos, thanks a lot for the feedback and we'll make sure that this will be fixed before it hits the Live Server. Best regards, Christian

  • UPDATE: The server is up and running again now. Have fun playing! Best regards, Christian

  • Guild Spotlight: Aegis

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  • Guild Spotlight: Aegis

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    Hi all, in today's guild spotlight, we shed some light on "Aegis". You can read there story here: We are looking forward to hearing your experiences with Aegis and its members so far! Best regards, Christian

  • Quote from Dainank: “Question: Will it be on the 'Amazon Kindle' store, and if so, which ones (e.g. America/Netherlands???)? Thank You! ” Hi Dainank, yes, the novel will be available in the Kindle store, both for the US and Europe. I hope you'll enjoy it, once it comes out. Best regards, Christian

  • Hi guys, I hope you all have wonderful Christmas holidays in- and outside of Albion! For the lighter entertainment, we had sat down with Game Designer Empa and talked about how new ideas for features are actually making their way into the game in the end - a look behind the scenes of how different skillsets and teams are working together in a Game Studio: Check it out: Enjoy the read and have a great holiday time! Best regards, Christian

  • Bump Aside from the Hype ranking, we would also really appreciate your vote for "Most Anticipated MMO 2016" over at You can find that here:…015-Most-Anticipated.html Currently, we're only in 6th place - so there is still some catchup to do Thanks a lot and a Merry Christmas already to everyone!

  • Quote from PrinceIsaiah: “Albion for favorite Moba ” It seems that some MMOSite readers nominated us for that category - no idea why We have asked them to correct this, though - we are listed under Favorite MMORPG, now. Finally: We're in 3rd place over at, still with a chance to win this! Thanks a lot for your great support. Best regards, Christian

  • Quote from Windu: “@gauss22 @Talion How to play the game when i dont have access to my email anymore =):) ” Hi Windu, please open a ticket in the "My Account" section and we will have a look. Best regards, Christian

  • Hi all, the servers are up again and the game should be running. Small reminder: Don't forget to check your spam folders when trying to verify your account, as mails may arrive there. Thanks for everyone's patience and best regards, Christian

  • Quote from Gunp0int: “Hello, I went ahead and sent my information to but got an instant response from saying "The Position (Mater Job) you're applying for is no longer active." Should this be disregarded or will anyone need to resubmit our information? Thanks, Kevin ” Hey guys, sorry for the confusion there - this is a system mail generated by a tool we were using to organize applications. We have received your applications and will review them ove…

  • Quote from Cramit845: “Are resume's alright or do you only want CV's? ” Hi Cramit, thanks for your interest! You can send us your resume and if there is anything missing that we'd like to know, we'll ask for it Best regards, Christian

  • Hi Merlinz, danke für deine Anfrage und sorry für die Probleme. Es wäre super, wenn du uns eine Nachricht an schicken könntest (das geht auch einfach unter "Mein Konto" und dann "Support"). Wichtig ist nur, dass du die Emailadresse benutzt, die auch bei deinem Konto hintergegt ist. Wir schauen uns den Fall dann an und finden hoffentlich zügig eine Lösung für dich. Beste Grüße, Christian

  • Closed Beta Under Way

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    Hi everyone, and so it has begun - the Albion Online Closed Beta has started just under an hour ago. The world of Albion is already getting more and more crowded with all those noble Legendary Founders. Here is the announcement news: Have fun guys and see you in Albion! Best regards, Christian

  • Quote from Luci: “Nicely written guide, Christian ” I should of course mention that my role was mostly publishing the guide only - the majority of the credits for it belong to @Luci! Thanks a lot for your great help and support with this

  • Hi everyone, for all of you who are entering the world of Albion for the first time next week as part of our Closed Beta, we have compiled a guide on how to get started: We hope this will make things a little more smoother initially! And for those of you who are already experienced citizens of Albion, share your stories of how your first steps in Albion have been. Best regards, Christian PS: LESS. THAN. 48. HOURS!!!

  • Hi OneTyper, thanks for your question and let me shed some light on this topic: First of all, we (Sandbox Interactive) are NOT storing any payment details of you and we would not even be allowed to do so. Depending on the payment method you choose, your details are stored with a special payment service provider (PSP): - if you pay with PayPal: PayPal - if you pay with any other method (credit card, paysafecard, etc.): Adyen Both PayPal and Adyen are regulated (i.e. PCI compliant) service provide…

  • Hi all, as you know, we're working heavily on the lore of Albion Online in time for the start of Closed Beta. With the help of accomplished fantasy author Peter Newman, we'll soon have an Albion novel, including the background story of Albion's history and factions. In the meantime, we wanted to share a small sneak-peak with you already, check out the Keepers of Albion: To the official news post Share your experiences with the Keepers during the previous Alphas with us - what was the most danger…

  • Quote from Shorty: “Can you put black cock into just any of it we got 2 members that wants to play.” You can just quit your current guild and apply to the guilds mentioned in the three alliance threads. We will accept you to one of these then, so that you can participate.