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  • While I am no longer actively updating the guide, I got a notice about some outdated information and felt it was important enough to get fixed: is no longer getting maintained (in fact, it doesn't even exist anymore), so I replaced it with

  • Quote from Cathair: “resource nodes per cluster? ” I took a look at the resourcedistpresets.xml, which - one can already guess by the name - contains the resource distribution presets. It shows the "active" nodes. At the time of writing the guide those numbers were correct, and I see no reason why they should be different now. But as you probably figured, those are just the active nodes, so the actual pool of nodes is a bit larger. Now, how large: that I do not know. From the looks of it, the po…

  • Quote from H4n1baL: “How do you envision the mouse-over texts to work (since the whole box describing the spell is already a mouse-over)? ” based on keywords in the description, it could expand the tooltip with additional information information. (So, if tooltip mentions knock-back, it would add another paragraph to the tooltip describing knock-back mechanic) for UX-purposes, maybe hide the details of the details behind a shift-key like the guy above proposed.

  • Blue Army Takes GvG Season 4

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    Quote from Coonery: “I like the part where Money Guild won 2 Seasons and has nothing to show for it besides a pretty little banner lmfao ” the irony: Blue Army emerged from MG winning those first months of the game

  • Quote from ZaZii: “15% ROI ????? 9e9.gif ” Invested 100m into good guy Bogul and got it +15% back today. easiest silver I've made so far

  • Quote from Drake_IronHeart: “Anyone tried moving a laborer from one house to another? I see many people asking what happens if they dismiss a laborer, would like to know if you can move a laborer from one house to another or they house bound? ” you can't move them. if you dismiss, they gone

  • Quote from Kyrw: “@ZaZii Doyou know anything about having a gamekeeper t7 and a full house (trophies and furniture) returning more t5 resources from a journal than a t6 house? In this case, both would give 150% happiness, but t7 house would give a higher overall happiness. Or maybe the amount of resources are the same, but one could receive more 5.3 resources with a t7 full house that with a t6, because of the overall happiness being bigger, and the chance is less than 1 t5.3 each time. ” 150% h…

  • been in game since like... forever?!^^ I most times notice it when I'm not the only one using the station, and/or scrolling too fast.

  • Oh, look - troll is trolling QuickSwipe. Gotta love karma...

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from noxmortus: “1. It took 2 hours for the server hotfix for bats. 2. It doesn't take long to generate the Challenge Points for a bat by gathering. If you are a decent spec gatherer, you can get a bat within 60mins. Less if you gather in Mercia or T8. ” Im only 1/2 way on my alts tho... doing the 2k (for 10 bonus) every day, takes a pretty long time... ” use your alts to generate silver and just buy those rewards. I'm sitting on 20 bats and 200 focus-pots right …

  • Die Idee mit "(aktive oder passive) Fähigkeiten" für normale mounts finde ich zwar gut, den Hintergrund dafür checke ich aber nicht. Die 3 Standardtiere (Reitpferd, gepanzertes Pferd, Oxe) sind nicht "überpowert", sondern lediglich sehr gut im Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis. Mit den neuen Fraktionstieren sind auch die Variationen mMn gut gedeckt. Wenn man jetzt den existierenden Oxen nimmt und in zwei Varianten aufspaltet (einer schneller, anderer dicker), werden die vorhandenen "Alternativen" wie W…

  • Market bug

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    Hey, noticed something weird with the market: Searching through the "Buy"-Tab -> picking an item where a lower quality is missing (e.g. only excellent in market, but no norm/good/outstanding) -> In the buy-dialogue of that item, trying to change quality to a unavailable (lower!) quality jumps back to the previous/existing quality. e.g. picking the t8.3 excellent blazing, where no norm/good/outst/MP are in market, you CAN swap to MP, but not to norm/good/outst in that details-dialogue (so, can no…

  • Adventurer's Challenge F.A.Q.

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    Quote from Red Brick: “Quote from ZaZii: “Quote from Evoque: “3. What activities can I do to gather challenge points? PvE Fishing Gathering ” Wow, great job excluding crafters!How am I supposed to do any of those activities without screwing up my sweet statistics?! Il4eWVm.jpg ” Do it on one of your 50 focus alts, you crafters have such a strong advantage in this game. We all know you're just trying to squeeze as much profit out of this as you can. ” "one of your 50 focus alts" ^^... Over 90% of…

  • Quote from Evoque: “3. What activities can I do to gather challenge points? PvE Fishing Gathering ” Wow, great job excluding crafters! How am I supposed to do any of those activities without screwing up my sweet statistics?! Il4eWVm.jpg

  • WTS 8.3 blazing MP [SOLD]

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    Some numbers: Chance to roll MP is 1/1000 according to the given information. And apparently salad doesn't affect it, either (you'll still want to eat one for the speed bonus) Re-rolling 8.0 blazing is 270k/each. To get a 8.3 MP this would be the cheapest way with: - around 80m on the 8.0 crap quality blazing - around 270m to roll it to 8.0 MP - around 50m to enchant it to 8.3 MP That's around 130m + 270m(average!) = 400m for 8.3 MP blazing. That is, assuming you don't get screwed by RNG (I just…

  • WTS 8.3 blazing MP [SOLD]

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    Edit: Sold for 300m. Heey, selling this thing here: DPsxUr4.jpg PN offers (silver or easily liquefiable items only, don't want to be selling 1001 items instead of 1)

  • Quote from Dero: “Hey Guys, as I got sick of my usual task yesterday evening I put in a couple of minutes to improve the way you can retrieve item icons from our services. Now you don't need to know our internal item names anymore but can use the ingame item name for it. For the "T4_ARMOR_LEATHER_SET2" this would be <aoitem>Adept's Hunter Jacket</aoitem>. By default those item names will be interpreted as english. If you do now know the english item name you can use it from any other language by…

  • Quote from noxmortus: “It does however provide an elementary introduction for new players. ” That's all it was supposed to. Anything beyond could end up being a 10 pages essay. Quote from noxmortus: “does not go into any real detail of how to optimise your houses, whether they be for ergonomics or happiness maximisation. ” Well, it says that t5 is best to push first - so that's good. Beyond that, players should start to get an idea of what to do next. After all, it does take a few days to get la…

  • WTB Sabertooth rex 500M

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    Quote from Piddle: “Quote from Corean: “guys guys go make a new thread about "rare items" and you guys can argue over there sounding like Shakespeare. This post is about me buying the sabertooth rex. K thx. ” They are just trying to keep it at the top of the forum for you. They are being homies. ” ^yeah BUMP